Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about outsourcing software development (everybody does)


When it comes to software outsourcing consulting, we know you’ve got questions. Check out these FAQs from Accelerance, the global software outsourcing authority.

If you're a Service Provider - check out these FAQs just for you.

Who is Accelerance?

Accelerance is an American software outsourcing advisory firm that connects companies looking to outsource with the most talented software development teams on the planet. Only Accelerance travels the globe to verify and certify the technical skills, industry expertise, and business practices of offshore and nearshore outsourcing companies. You can trust your software to an Accelerance outsourcing provider.

How do you determine who the most qualified teams on the planet are?

Accelerance is the only company in the world that conducts thorough screening and business background checks to identify world-class global software teams. We review technologies, methodologies, English and communication skills, track record of success, company size, leadership, hiring practices, ratio of senior to junior employees, industry experience, and more.

Our proprietary qualifying algorithm scores all service providers who apply to work with us and only a select few are invited to be verified or certified partners. We’re looking out for you.

Do you check references?

Yes. Only the best outsourcing companies can work with Accelerance. We’ve investigated more than 6,000 global companies to create the most curated list of qualified offshore and nearshore software development companies ever assembled.

We require positive background checks for every technology and industry in which our service providers claim expertise. Each and every success story and case study claimed by our service providers has been personally vetted and verified to be true and accurate by Accelerance research analysts. We investigate everything so you can outsource with confidence.

Have you visited your outsourcing providers in person?

Yes. Accelerance travels the world to make sure you’re getting the very best engineering teams for your software. For more than 15 years, we’ve searched every corner of the globe to discover the best outsourcing companies in the world. We’ve investigated their offices, met their teams, interviewed their leadership, and done every type of due diligence so that you can trust your software to Accelerance.

What software outsourcing services do you provide?

Accelerance does not build software. We’re an independent, 3rd-party outsourcing advisory service that investigates the business background, experience, and qualifications of software service providers around the world.

How do I get started outsourcing software development?

Your Accelerance outsourcing advisor will guide you through criteria to consider when outsourcing your software. What technology platform is right? Is methodology important? How many developers do you need? What global regions are right for you? There’s a lot to consider from technical to soft skills. Our advisors will show you how to navigate the process, introduce you to the perfect teams, facilitate meetings, and guide you through the agreement process.

How much do you charge for outsourcing advisory services?

Nothing. Accelerance earns revenue from our network of highly qualified software service providers who pay us for marketing services, representation, and high-value software engagements. We want each and every client to have the most successful outsourcing experience possible, so we work hard to connect you with the perfect partner. Happy clients getting world-class software means happy service providers. Happy service providers means revenue for Accelerance.

What size project is appropriate for your partners?

Engagements that last 9 months or more and use 5 to 150 FTE software engineers are the sweet spot for Accelerance partners, but our partners are adaptable.

What contracting model do your partners prefer?

Accelerance partners work best using the dedicated team model; they prefer this model as it helps them build a stable team while ensuring cohesion and excitement around the project at hand.

Do I need to be concerned about my intellectual property?

Accelerance partners are selected based on their technicals skills, culture, and reputation. They’re accustomed to non-disclosures and non-competes with some of the largest, most powerful brands in the world - such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP. Additionally, most Accelerance partners work through U.S. entities and comply with U.S. intellectual property law. With Accelerance service providers, your IP will be in the very best, experienced hands.

How much will I pay for a software developer?

Hourly rates for developers vary by region, experience, and technology. The one constant is that you will pay less for higher quality work. Talk to an Accelerance advisor about your budget and financial expectations. You’ll find incredible value for your investment when outsourcing is done right.

Are your software outsourcing companies open to running a Build/Operate/Transfer (BOT) model?

BOTs are more common in some regions than others. Many of our outsourcing companies are open to negotiating a BOT as part of the software engagement. An Accelerance advisor can help you select an outsourcing provider who will work with your specific needs.

Do your partners offer services other than software development?

Accelerance makes finding high-quality software development specialists a huge priority. Because of this, many of our service providers perform only software development services. However, many outsourcing firms provide services adjacent to software development, such as project management, IT consulting, UX design, marketing technology and more.

How do I know the partner I work with is charging me competitive rates??

Accelerance manages a global network of partners. We make it our business to understand the costs of hiring various types and sizes of teams in the regions we represent. Because of this, and because our service providers want to win and retain your business, you can be confident that your software outsourcing rates are fair and competitive for the marketplace.

How long does it take to find an outsourcing company for my software?

Accelerance cuts your search from 5 months (searching on your own) to as little as 5 days. Connecting you to the perfect outsourcing team is our specialty. You’ll have a short list of candidate companies in one business day after sharing your requirements with one of our advisors. From there, simply select the teams you want to interview and you’ll have a new software partner in a matter of days.

Do your outsourcing companies use Agile processes?

Yes, all our partners use the Agile development process, and many use Scrum and Kanban as well.

Do I have to visit the outsourcing companies you connect me with?

We’ve done the visiting and vetting for you but going yourself is highly recommended for the best outsourcing experience possible. Visiting your software development partner will forge relationships, help overcome cultural barriers and strengthen trust between your company and theirs.

Can I have partner resources onsite at my company?

Yes, part of your agreement can be the placement of partner personnel onsite.

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