Brain Station 23

Founded 2006  |  FTE 350+ Engineers  |  Partner since 2014
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh


Partner Description

Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Brain Station-23 is uniquely situated as one of the few prominent outsourcing resources in the region. Their location and recruitment process in combination with being recognized as one of the top outsourcing companies has allowed them to recruit top-end talent. An Accelerance partner since 2014, Brain Station-23 is capable of working with clients of any size or workload requirement and has clients in the US, Canada, Asia, Netherlands, and most of Europe.

Brain Station-23 follows scrum and Kanban processes for project management, and have multiple CSM and PMP for best management practices. Currently, Brain Station-23 is working on projects that span Microsoft stacknet, Node.js, Java, Angular.js, Android, iPhone, and MEAN stacks, as well as database projects that use Oracle, MySql, MongoDB, RavenDB, and CouchDB. The company offers clients the ability to hire 2 to 20 people on either an hourly or monthly engagement basis.

Brain Station-23 prides themselves on being honest, communicative, and dedicated. Accelerance witnessed all of this during our onsite assessment in 2018. We toured their facilities and interviewed their key staff members regarding process, communication with clients, and technical abilities. Their developers are each focused on one and only one client at a time, giving clients full and uninterrupted access to the process. Considered in conjunction with their years of experience, this makes Brain Station-23 a desirable option for many of our clients. 



Node Js






Azure Cloud

iOS and Android

UX/UI Design

Software QA

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  • Raisul Kabir
  • | Founder & CEO
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  • Mohammad Rahman
  • | Partner, Program Manager
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  • MJ Ferdous
  • | Director & COO
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