Founded 2004  |  FTE 120+ Engineers  |  Partner since 2013
Location San Jose, Costa Rica and Lima Peru


Partner Description

Proximity is based in Costa Rica with headquarters and deliver centers in San Jose and a delivery center in Heredia. An Accelerance partner since 2013 with 10+ years of experience to their name, Proximity has been helping clients in the US and Canada across multiple industries and verticals. In 2019 Accelerance also Certified Proximity's sister company Next Curve. Next Curve's focus is purely in the IoT and AI sectors, partnered with Proximity's software background make them an ideal partner for companies needing full service IoT, hardware, firmware, software development. 

Proximity has created unique services that pull together a deep technical expertise on the services they provide, a strong expertise on the deliver model, and the best talent available. They are ideal for clients looking to improve the performance, functionality, or effectiveness of existing applications or clients needing a brand new application from scratch. 

Proximity is well-versed in Web Applications, Service Oriented Architecture, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Native and Cross Platform Mobile Development, and Quality Assurance. Proximity specialize in a long list of technologies including: .NET, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Java, MAGENTO, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, HTML5, AngularJS, Boostrap, CSS3, iOS, Android, and more.

Technologies and methodologies are important and useful things when properly used. Proximity has developed the expertise to master these factors.  They believe that software development in general, and Nearshore Outsourcing more specifically, is a matter of people dealing with people, and that is why they focus their attention on creating an exceptional experience with clients.


IoT Services




IOS Development

Android Development


Java EE


React JS


UX/UI Design

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  • Adolfo Cruz
  • | CEO
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  • Laura Rojos
  • | Director of Project Management
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  • Isaac Aragón
  • | Sr Information Technology Talent Acquisition Consultant
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