Intertec International

Founded 2002  |  FTE 350+ Engineers  |  Partner since 2017
Location Costa Rica and Colombia


Partner Description

Intertec International joined the Accelerance family in 2017. They have a strong US presence with their headquarters in Phoenix and offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Francisco. Intertec's technology center, located in San Jose, Costa Rica is in one of the largest and most modern technology parks in Costa Rica. It contains multiple buildings, sports facilities, restaurants, and a medical facility, convenience store, and a banking center. In 2019, they have opened a second delivery center in Medellin, Colombia. 

With over 300 technical resources, Intertec is larger than most competitors in Costa Rica and can scale and respond quickly. Intertec has experience in a broad array of technologies including emerging technologies. They provide services in many industries including, but not limited to: Financial Services, Technology, Direct Sales, Insurance and Aerospace. Intertec has a diverse and highly professional culture as they can recruit the top technical resources from outside of Costa Rica.

Intertec emphasizes training, certifications, career paths for their employees, highly interactive performance reviews, and employee focused committees, events and recognitions. Intertec has advanced software engineering abilities and processes. Intertec has over 50 Scrum certified Project Managers and has its own proprietary hybrid Scrum methodology.


Intertec practice areas include Software Engineering, Project and Program Management, Business Analysis, Test Engineering, and Quality Assurance, Technical Advisory, and Infrastructure Management.

Intertec’s employees also poses certifications as PMP, SCRUM, and ISTQB. They are also certified in Microsoft and Oracle technologies. 











Cyber Security

QA Automation




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  • Mark McLoud
  • | Executive Vice President and Partner
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  • Jair Carrillo
  • | Director of Delivery
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  • A.J. Falco
  • | COO
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  • Frederid Palacios
  • | Senior Architect
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