Founded 2008  |  FTE 200+ Engineers  |  Partner since 2022
Veracruz, Mexico; Rosario Argentina; Caragena, Colombia; and Rio, Brazil 


Partner Description

Giga’s services are focused on project automation and business software. They have a 14+ year track record servicing North American and LATAM companies. Giga is driven by a continuous improvement philosophy, undertaking a solid commitment with their customers to deliver improvement on their products and solutions, while continuously evaluating efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility in work processes.

Remaining adaptable in changing scenarios is key to an Agile mindset. They achieve success by navigating change through self-improvement. Giga IT's methodology relies on feedback loops, evaluation of where they are, and definition of the direction we are headed, so they can accurately adjust goals and objectives in line with your needs. 

Accelerance receives a strong customer-centric vibe when dealing with Giga management and their development teams. Their 360 feedback loops allow them to stay up to date with your needs. Any issues are handled real-time with your Delivery Manager who can provide hourly updates if needed on any situation. 

Giga's onboarding process is top-notch. They always look to their bench or if Giga engineers are coming off projects to start with new clients. This ensures you get a well-rounded Giga employee who is embedded into their culture. They have historically high retention rates even with teams in multiple locations. Giga employs local HR staff in all locations to stay up to date with the local Giga culture and to make sure the teams are provided what is needed to be successful.  




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  • Santiago Alcain
  • | CEO
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  • Martín Luchessi
  • | US Delivery Director
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  • Marianela Mata
  • | Head of HR
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