Founded 2012  |  FTE 600+ Engineers  |  Partner since 2015
Location Sofia and Plovdiv Bulgaria

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Partner Description

ScaleFocus headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. With an executive team that averages 10+ years of experience and other offices in London, England; Munich, Germany; and Plovdiv, Bulgaria; ScaleFocus is a dependable European partner. An Accelerance partner since 2015, ScaleFocus serves clients from a wide variety of business areas, from early stage to Fortune 100.

ScaleFocus offers services in the software development, data management, end-to-end solutions implementation, and quality engineering and system audits. The company is known for its expertise in the newest and most innovative niche technologies. ScaleFocus won the trust of partners like IBM, Microsoft, TIBCO, VMware, Citrix, Veeam, Oracle, Teradata and more. ScaleFocus has also implemented world-class internal processes and delivery practices, standardized on ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 2000 for Managed Services and ISO 27000 for Information Security. The experts within the company are recognized for their technical excellence, industry expertise and diverse backgrounds. They are passionate and focused. They understand the meaning of being customer-centric and believe in what they do.


ScaleFocus pride themselves on providing a person, flexible, and professional approach while seeking a true understanding of each client’s strategic business needs. ScaleFocus’ sophisticated technical capabilities enable companies of any size to focus on core competencies and achieve sustainable business growth in a lean, agile and cost-effective way.


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Consulting Partner

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  • Ivan Ivanov
  • | CEO
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  • Krasimir Kostadinov
  • | CTO
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  • Michael Campbell
  • | Senior Sales Executive-North America
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  • Yulian Atanasov
  • | Business Development Manager
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