The Bold Tackle Disruptions Head-On: A Look at Software, Outsourcing and Nexus 2017

April 20, 2017

By Andy Hilliard

Disruption is all around us – from emerging technologies such as IoT to automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. And software-focused enterprises and others face these new challenges every day, balancing business value with innovation to compete in the marketplace. But with political pressure increasing when it comes to outsourcing, are global technology leaders and other enterprises holding back on innovation? Are they becoming more cautious?

Actually, these businesses should be seizing the opportunities that disruption brings. And if they can’t bring on an in-house team to do so, they need to diversify their talent through outsourcing to nearshore or offshore providers.

Which Group Are You In: Cautious or Bold?

Kirk Laughlin managing director of Nearshore Americas – a multi-channel business built to inspire greater understanding and engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean – says disruptions come in many forms. “What we know about 2017 is that we are dealing with several disruptive forces all at once,” says Laughlin. “Automation is redefining service delivery, and the Internet continues to enable a vast new set of companies, to leverage digital tools and race past previous industry leaders. At the same time, the political stakes are suddenly much higher in the United States, with its new governmental administration, where long-standing outsourcing partnerships are being challenged.”

But in times of disruption comes opportunity, according to Laughlin. “The cautious will continue to sit quietly, waiting for conditions to improve, while the bold will seek to understand how these disruptions are creating new openings to build stronger brands and more resilient businesses. Which group do you belong to?”

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Laughlin’s company is the organizer of Nexus 2017, the preeminent gathering of executives seeking to share insights on nearshore outsourcing business practices, opportunities and challenges. It’s the only United States-based conference to take a singular look at the opportunities, risks and benefits of creating software and technology services’ alliances across the Americas.

Over the last seven years, Nexus has been a platform for some highly provocative and informative talks on nearshore outsourcing. In fact, I’ll be a part of the Nexus speaker line-up this year, May 23 - 24 at the Google Quad in Mountain View, Calif.

Why Nexus? Why Nearshore?

For enterprises that are reluctant to outsource, Nexus is beneficial because it offers a great deal of knowledge to help companies make informed decisions. For example, at Nexus 2011, Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, challenged CTOs, CIOs and technology leaders to take advantage of disruptions in technology and to capitalize on third-party nearshore outsourcers. Six years on, corporate adoption strategies are increasingly involving outsourcing resources – a trend that is showing no signs of slowing.

Indeed, companies continue to learn and better understand how outsourcing providers in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada (and beyond) can continue to be vital outsourcing partners; and Nexus is one organization that’s helping businesses realize this (check out Accelerance’s 2017 Guide to Global Software Outsourcing Rates for related insights).

Nexus aids attendees in understanding how to build powerful outsourcing alliances across the nearshore Americas – in software development, IT, business-process services and customer care.  The event has a history of featuring some noteworthy speakers. At its 2014 conference, Vivek Wadhwa explained why the exponential growth of disruptive technologies was about to create massive opportunities for nearshore countries, especially Latin America. The “future” he described then is now very real, especially as countries like Costa Rica are thriving in the nearshore market. Costa Rica’s former President, Laura Chinchilla, spoke at Nexus 2016 and narrated how her Central American country came to become a prosperous nearshore marketplace.

Speakers at this year’s Nexus will cover:

  • Developing nearshore hubs
  • Outstanding nearshore customer experience cases using omni-channel platforms
  • The influence of politics on the future of Silicon Valley
  • Product development for early-stage startups
  • Cross-border case studies with unique achievements in innovation
  • Orienting sourcing delivery models utilizing RPA and automation

Laughlin says the event will “take on complex topics with the help of subject experts who span the nearshore delivery value chain, from Silicon Valley insiders to outspoken entrepreneurs, traditional outsourcing and nearshore service providers, expert analysts and more.”

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Nearshore: Lessons from the Frontlines

At Nexus 2017, I’ll be moderating a session called “Lessons from the Frontline.” It’s a roundup of lessons learned on the frontlines of cross-border partnerships. Hear from leaders who have spearheaded outsourcing/nearshoring initiatives, their challenges and their victories.

Join me in California at the Google Quad for Nexus 2017, May 23 – 24, to explore and gain valuable wisdom on nearshore outsourcing, and to make contacts with a diverse mix of business, sourcing, software engineering, startup and cross-border investment experts. You’ll walk away with a great deal of knowledge and some well-informed contacts. Accelerance will also exhibit at Nexus 2017 and participate in all of the networking events, so meet us in person and learn how we can assist with your software needs.

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Register for Nexus 2017 here and receive 15 percent off, courtesy of Accelerance. Use Access Code: CGV21 (the code is available to the first 20 registrants).

Steve Mezak is the founder and CEO of Accelerance. He’s also the co-author of Outsource or Else: How a VP of Software Saved His Company and the author of Software Without Borders. Visit Accelerance’s Resources page to get a free copy of these books.


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