What Planet Are You On?

December 20, 2005

By Andy Hilliard

Did you ever get stuck in a rut doing things in the same old way? Then you hear or see something that completely changes your perspective and you can never be satisfied with the old way again.

Can you imagine going back to using a typewriter instead of a word processor on a computer? No way!

Sometimes you go looking for a new approach out of frustration with the old. Other times a new perspective comes like a bolt out of the blue when you least expect it. You may not even know you have a limited perspective – like a fish that doesn ’t know it is underwater.

I had such an experience thirty seven years ago. It happened on Christmas Eve in 1968. A few days earlier three astronauts were blasted into space from Florida. It was the launch of Apollo 8 – the first manned space mission to leave earth orbit.

I was twelve years old then, curled up on a cozy arm chair in my parent’s living room in New Jersey. It was a cold night and a fresh snowfall was outside. Our Christmas tree was in one corner of the room and our TV was in the other.

By Christmas Eve the astronauts had entered into orbit around the moon and broadcast a televised message back to Earth. The picture was a little grainy but it was in color. It showed the surface of the moon below and sometimes the Earth in the distance each time they came around the front side of the moon.

The astronauts read from the Book of Genesis in the Bible during the telecast. For me, this feat of human engineering, combined with the spiritual imagery of the reading was deeply awe inspiring.

A few days later on December 29, 1968 one of the astronauts snapped a photograph that has become an icon of manned space travel. It is the Earthrise photo showing the Earth nestled in space with the surface of the moon below.

That single photographic frame was an image that included all of humanity. Suddenly our geographic, economic and personal differences seemed very small.

It is popular to think of the world as a small flat place these days. But the reality is we are all on one small round planet in adroit orbit the sun. We are all in the same boat. We are all inextricably interconnected whether you realize it or not.

How about you? Are you globally connected? Are you taking advantage of all the resources granted to you on this small planet we all live on?

Now it will be easier for you to form global connections and take your software development and your business to a new level. Accelerance is introducing a series of new services in 2006 that help you make safe and convenient use of global software development resources, and for an unbelievable low price.

The first new service is a package containing these three valuable elements:

(1) A guide to selecting your software outsourcing vendor in India

We are starting with India and will add other countries and regions soon. This twelve-page guide describes most of the cities in India where software development vendors can be found. In addition a three-step process is described that helps you compare vendors using fifteen different criteria you need to consider in making your final selection.

(2) One hour of phone consulting to guide you through the vendor selection process

Feel like you need the inside story on what is going on in various parts of India or have a question about a specific vendor? Need a strategy for negotiating the best rate or want to see if what you are being quoted is a reasonable rate or not? Take advantage of our experience in helping hundreds of companies succeed with outsourcing. This is not a sales call. It is a conversation focused on you, with the purpose of helping you complete the outsourcing vendor selection process quickly and with confidence.

(3) Contact information for at least five proven and expert Accelerance teams in India

It’s one thing to have a great process for selecting a vendor. It is another to have great vendors you can call. You can contact these Accelerance teams directly and select the one that best fits your needs. These vendors are all vetted by Accelerance. They have proven themselves in the marketplace and have references to happy clients in the US.

The cost for this new service package is a ridiculously low $99 until the end of 2005. The price is going up in 2006 (just a couple of weeks away) to $297 and my advisors say even that is too low! And it comes with an unconditional, money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

I am putting the finishing touches on this service now. In a few days I will send out another short email with instructions on how to get your copy of the guide and the contact information for the Accelerance teams. If you are serious about outsourcing your software development then this offer is a value-packed, risk-free way for you to get started quickly!

BTW, this first offer is for outsourcing to India only. You can help me prioritize additional services in the very near future. Send me a quick email to let me know your preference for another country or region of the world for your outsourcing and you will get a special low introductory rate when those services are introduced.


The Runtime Bottom Line: We live and work together on a small planet. But it is also a world of abundance. That is why Accelerance can offer you this new low-cost service that will help you make valuable global connections to successfully outsource your software development.

Until next time,
Steve Mezak, CEO
Accelerance, Inc.
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