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Communication is key to the success of every software engagement - but especially critical with software outsourcing. Our experienced outsourcing advisors can help you assess the communication skills of potential partners. 

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Tip: Look for teams that not only speak English, but study it. Go beyond language and look for communication style and collaboration tools.

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Look for English Proficiency

Partner with a software development team that has, at minimum, a conversational level of English proficiency. Senior members, especially, need to be able to clearly understand the requirements of your software engagement before they’re able build your product. Don’t always expect English proficiency equivalent to that of a native speaker, but do expect language-driven misunderstandings are kept to a minimum. To aid in communication with non-native speakers, put effort into speaking calmly and clearly.


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Make sure you and your offshore software development partner's communication methods are a suitable fit

Communication Tools Matter

Open communication is extremely important from the beginning and throughout your outsourcing relationship. Both parties must be on the same page on every detail regarding the software engagement and must be specific, concise and realistic about what they need and expect from each other. Expect to use weekly conference calls, regular emails and instant messages every day. Frequent status reports and constant communication will help ensure that your engineers are working on the most important tasks.


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Practice mutual respect that tanscends communication quirks

Nuances and Style

Even two English-speaking countries like the U.S. and the U.K. have different communication styles that must be considered, so it goes without saying that there will be differences in language and other communication styles between all cultures. What you might consider rude, odd, or confusing in another culture might be considered perfectly normal, and vice versa. The key to bridging the gap is mutual respect and embracing your differences.


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