Software Outsourcing Best Practices


Be sure your offshore or nearshore software outsourcing partner is a cultural fit with your internal team. Learn to overcome cultural differences with an experienced outsourcing coach.


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Tip: Consider the national culture, the business culture and the software development culture of your outsourcing partner.

Decide if your software development partner's business culture is a fit for you

Assess the Business Culture

How an outsourcing company operates on a day-to-day basis defines its development culture and is an indicator of how well they’ll work with global clients like you. Look for healthy hiring, training, and retention practices. Ask a few questions: Does the provider actively seek to retain its employees? Does it offer them a clear career path? Is its employee turnover rate at or below the national average? Are its facilities attractive and well kept? Does it run its meetings with you in a way that is collaborative, creative, and encouraging of discussion? Find the answers to these questions and compare them with your own company culture to prioritize and evaluate the right fit.


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Embrace your outsourced development provider's culture

Embrace the National Culture

Unless you’re outsourcing to onshore companies, you’ll need to interacting with people from different countries and backgrounds during your software engagement. For those interactions to go as smoothly and successfully as possible, each side must learn about how people on the other side think and behave. It is not necessary for one side to completely adapt to the other, but rather to recognize and embrace differences. Learn as much as you can about your outsourcing provider’s country, region, way of life - and even some of their language. Your investment in culture will never be wasted.


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Seek out outsourced software development firms that innovate

Product Innovation as Culture

Seek outsourced software development teams that prioritize innovation. Software developers want to be a part of a company that allows them to think and grow, and companies that encourage this end up growing, too. Favor partners that encourage innovation as part of their culture and reward software developers and others on the basis of their dedication to innovation, not their level of success. Developers may fail in their quest for an innovative solution, but it’s their dedication to the solution and to final engagement success that yields the highest value. 


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