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Situational Summary

Given frustrations with their current development partner, Diocesan has asked Accelerance to lead a search for a new group that could begin work as soon as possible.

In July, Accelerance confirmed the frustrations Diocesan had been experiencing, namely:

  • Sub-standard code quality despite generally adequate core technology decisions.
  • Issues resulting from multiple developers touching the same code.
  • Deficiencies in overall processes and project management approach, impacting productivity and quality. 
  • Inadequate project and technical management resulting in the remote team not being properly guided, compounding issues inherent with that remote team.

Despite the best efforts to mitigate these issues, they have only continued.

So, when considering a new partner, Accelerance recommends one who:

  1. Possesses a sound QA process
  2. Has experience in transitioning projects from failed vendors
  3. Offers excellent project management skills
  4. Demonstrated expertise in the related tech stack.
We identified three, best-aligned Accelerance Partners, reached out to them and explained the situation. Each demonstrated their experience, particularly in the areas of greatest concern. They each expressed their interest in working with Diocesan and their ability to meet the timelines specified. 

Week 1: Proposal delivery and acceptance
Week 2: First round interviews with Partners
Weeks 3 - 4: Christmas Holiday

Week 1: 2nd round interviews with Partners
Week 2: Final interviews, selection
Weeks 3 - 4: Legal work

Week 1: Relationship Kick off, Accelerance Align workshop at Partner's location

Our Recommendations

Accelerance has considered your objectives and partner selection criteria in the context of all members in the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Given your declared needs and objectives, Accelerance is delighted to introduce the below Certified Partners as our top aligned choices to work as a dedicated Partner.

These accomplished groups are excellent representatives of the 60+ Members of our Global Service Provider Network.

View the Partner Matrix

View the Partner Matrix

Partner Matrix


Partner Information and Other Relevant Materials

Accelerance gathers and compiles relevant due diligence information on our Partners to share with you. This includes presentations, Assessments, blogs, and Accelerance Video Interviews of Partner leaders discussing topics of outsourcing interest. To review information and other relevant material for your top aligned Accelerance Partners, click on the links below.

What has to say about your project


We are sorry to hear of the issues Diocesan is having with their current vendor but we welcome the opportunity to jump back in and perform at a much higher level. Below is an overview along with some helpful links to projects and processes to review in detail. 

At Intetics we specialize in full-cycle software product development and building efficient, highly-skilled distributed IT engineering teams in our development centers in Eastern Europe for our customers world-wide saving up to 50% of their local costs.

Intetics is the pioneer of Offshore Dedicated Teams and the inventor of Remote In-Sourcing. Our Predictive Software Engineering framework helps greatly improve the collaboration and the results of remote software development teams (here our CEO Boris Kontsevoi outlines its concepts). As a company that cares about the quality of delivered, supported and re-designed products, Intetics has created a Technical debt reduction platform (TETRA), which helps to cover tech debts and release a healthy product to the market.

Intetics has broad industry experience, deep software engineering expertise, an outstanding quality management platform and an unparalleled methodology for talent recruitment, team building and talent retention that guarantee that clients receive exceptional results for their software development projects.

Intetics is ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (security) certified and a Microsoft Gold and Amazon Partner. The company’s innovation and growth achievements are reflected in winning prestigious titles and awards, including Inc 5000, Software 500, CRN 100, American Business, Deloitte Technology Fast 50, European IT Excellence, Best European BPO, Clutch, and ACQ5 Awards, and inclusion into IAOP’s Best Global Outsourcing 100 list.”

Attached you can find a document that outlines several notable “rescue” projects. We don’t have fully-fledged case studies created, but I can share more details if needed.


Thank you.

Best regards,

Vitaly Trizna

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What has to say about your project

Hi Ryan,

We are very excited about the opportunity to explore potential collaboration with Diocesan. We believe there is an excellent match between what they need and what we do, so it sounds like a good fit on both sides!

At Scio, we have ample experience providing Managed Software Engineering Teams for software organizations in the US. Our approach is simple: we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect, and a creative approach to helping clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

In the case of Diocesan, we believe that we can become a strategic partner for them because of our unique characteristics:

  • Focus on Web and Mobile technologies: our technical focus is on building multi-platform software solutions that offer Web and Mobile user experiences supported by a backend in the Cloud. We have engineers with experience in the Web technology stack that Diocesan uses (PHP and Laravel, PostgresSQL, React.JS, etc.), as well as in several Mobile platforms (native Android and iOS, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin and others). 
  • Experience with Multi-level SaaS Applications: We have more than 10 years of experience building and operating SaaS applications, including SaaS applications that need to be customized for each client so they can serve their own audiences. For example, we worked with Cloudancy to build a mobile-based loyalty platform for Merchants, where the apps that their clients use are customized with the brand of each Merchant.
  • Strong Project Management: Each one of our teams has a ScrumMaster that is responsible for helping the team, in tandem with the client team, keep the project on track and ensure that adequate reporting on tasks and activities is provided to the client.
  • Test automation and Rigorous QA: Every team includes one or more QA Analysts that follow structured processes to validate that the functionality, business rules, UI standards and acceptance criteria of every feature meet expectations. One key component of the QA role is to implement Test Automation on projects, to be able to shorten release cycles with confidence.
  • Front-end expertise: We are focused on developing beautiful, carefully crafted Web and Mobile applications, so our team has ample experience with UI/UX design principles and front-end technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, , Angular JS, Bootstrap, React.JS, etc.
  • Experience transitioning from other partners: Many of our clients are organizations that are looking to replace an existing partner because their expectations are not being met. So we have developed a structured process to do knowledge transfer and take over the development and operation of our client's systems. 

In summary, for all practical purposes on day-to-day interactions, working with Scio engineers is like having a team in a different city within the United States, but at a much lower cost than hiring in the US. All of this translates into the fact that you will require fewer man-hours to manage and execute the development effort, compared to working with offshore resources, effectively getting done more, faster - accelerating your speed to market and ability to respond to your customer needs.


Best regards,

Luis Aburto, CEO

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What has to say about your project

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for considering us for this opportunity.

It sounds like a quite interesting project, one we would love to be part of. Let me share with you some comments that we can get into details on a future call:

During all these years, we have had to take ownership and do the transition for projects from different technology vendors that were not performing as the client was expecting.

Just to give you a couple of examples, I’m attaching two different client cases (Bollore Ipaki and Coalfire Navis)

Those two clients were already working with another vendor, but both of them were not happy with those partners. Several communication problems (Coalfire was working with a team in India), code quality was not good, they were totally over their estimated budget, just to name a few.

With Coalfire we coordinated a transition plan, and we worked together with the other vendor for a couple of months. The initial plan was to work with them for around 4/6 months, but after just two months we were performing quite better than the other team was (and we had fewer developers than them).

On the other hand, the tech stack that Diocesan is needing is one we have a lot of experience. I’m attaching another client case (Nearpod), that has a quite similar tech stack (PHP, React, AWS).

We also implemented a communication schema for Nearpod, something that could be very interesting for Diocesan.




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Recommended Reading


After you review this proposal please respond with feedback and questions so that we can clarify your needs and preferences.

The next recommended step is to have a brief 1 hour video call with two or more recommended partners using a simple agenda below. You will use the calls to validate shared information while exploring other related topics like how they work with clients and how they would create and ramp up your team, what software development methods they use with clients, case studies, metrics, etc... You can choose to keep the call at the business level or you can make it more technical.

Partner Intro Video Call - Recommended Agenda

  • 15 min: Overview of your company background and project goals and objectives.  
  • 15 min: Partner overview and review of their ability to support your software development needs
  • 25 min: Q & A 
  • 5 min: Next Steps
Mike McAuliffe
Managing Director
Accelerance Inc.