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How are you different than the other companies that email me every day?

Unlike those companies, Accelerance isn’t a software development shop. We’re a consulting firm that helps companies with effective strategies for software outsourcing with better planning, better partner selection, and better ongoing management processes. We also provide fully-managed software outsourcing services.

We receive those emails every day too - only we don’t delete them - we investigate the companies that send them. To date, our research team has reviewed more than 8,000 global software outsourcing companies and 97% don’t meet our outsourcing standards. We’re the only company that has a complete view of the global marketplace and can tell you about that Ukranian firm that just called and compare them with the one from Brazil that emailed you last week.

How do you select your Partners?

We search the world for top software development companies (we’ve reviewed more than 8,000 companies so far - and counting). We start by looking at technical skills, industry experience, company size between 50 and 5000, solid english throughout the org, and experience working with [North American] clients. 97% of the companies we review don’t meet our standards. For the 3% that do, we begin a process of deep investigation across more than 200 data points. In total, we spend about 120 hours certifying each Accelerance Partner so you can be confident in their capabilities and ability to deliver.

How do you ensure your Clients are successful?

Our primary mission is to help you achieve success with software outsourcing. We help your company eliminate risk with software outsourcing with consultative services for planning, partner selection and ongoing management. With Accelerance, you’ll avoid mediocre outsourcing and achieve the high-performance results you’re looking for.

How can Accelerance help me if I already have an outsourcing partner?

If you’re already outsourcing on your own, we hope you’re doing so successfully. However, if you find yourself questioning whether you can outsource more efficiently, Accelerance can help.

Initially, Accelerance can benchmark your provider for capabilities, best alignment for your needs and learn whether you’re getting the best value for your investment. For every client - regardless of our level of involvement, Accelerance is a stakeholder in your success for the life of your engagement.

If you hire us to manage your software outsourcing - end to end - Accelerance takes on all the risks the quality of your deliverables and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you manage your own outsourcing success with our consulting services and our partners - we guarantee your satisfaction with our consulting services and we’ll guide you in every aspect of getting the quality you need from your Accelerance Partner.

Are you a broker?

Not exactly. Yes - we do represent the top software outsourcing companies in the world to clients looking to outsource. But our services go beyond brokerage to consulting. We help companies create effective software outsourcing strategies with better planning, better partner selection, and better ongoing management. We’re more like a strategic partner than a broker.

What kind of Clients do you tend to work with?

Our Clients range from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations - mostly in the US, but we do have clients in the UK, Europe and Australia. Usually, our clients do have an internal software team but are struggling with large project backlogs, speed to market, or they’re looking for specific skills they don’t have in-house -like mobile development or blockchain. The top challenges facing our clients - we hear over and over - are: capacity and cost.

What types of projects are usually outsourced?

Everything.  It is possible to outsource any kind of software development from web design, ecommerce, web development, mobile, QA and testing services.

Why should I choose Accelerance as my outsourcing consultant?

No one knows more about software outsourcing than Accelerance. We’re the world’s foremost authority on best practices, the global landscape for outsourcing and who the best software outsourcing companies in the world are.

Unlike do-it-yourself outsourcing which can be a hit-or-miss venture, Accelerance delivers a proven methodology for outsourcing that identifies and manages risk and optimizes results so that your company gains all the benefits of high performance global partnerships.

Why shouldn't we in-house our software development?

The reality is, most businesses are challenged to find the resources and skills they need to compete with software development. Hiring cycles are long; local talent is scarce. Attracting top developers is extremely competitive - and all of this has made developing a in-house team with fully-burdened salaries extremely expensive. What we hear over and over from the companies we work with is - they’re looking for capacity and cost savings. Sometimes the cost of “not outsourcing” - (in terms of how development issues might be hurting your company) - just for the sake of doing everything in house just doesn’t add up.

How do you assess your Partners?

Every day, the Accelerance team is actively searching the world for software outsourcing companies. It’s our mission to review and document  to add to our database. We begin our research to find great software companies the same way you would: online searches, word of mouth, marketing emails. We investigate every viable lead. Initially, Accelerance research team performs deeper validation. In this process we look at company size (ideal: 50-5000), experience with US Clients, mature social presence, tech capabilities and location.

This set of criteria is used to internally score a Service Provider to determine if they can move forward in the verification process. Through a series of video conferences, the Accelerance team will connect with clients to complete survey questionnaires and and review their experiences. The Accelerance research team also takes the due diligence process an additional step and performs on site visits to the Service Provider. During these on site visits, the Accelerance team will take a first hand look at their facility, Senior level executives, Sales teams, company culture, people, and values. Through connecting with a Service Provider, the Accelerance research team is able to delve deeper into the technical capabilities, cultural aspects and organizational factors that would make them a Certified Partner.

Through a complex combination of the following; conversations with team members, Senior leaders and previous clients; discussion of business goals, tech stack and capability with Senior leaders; visitation and evaluation of the facility site, location and company culture, our research team is able to determine if this Service Provider is a Certified Partner.

Through a lengthy and in depth verification process, Accelerance eliminates unqualified companies and only provides the top percentage of companies that meet our high standards of excellence, trustworthiness and business maturity.

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