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We know you have questions about how Accelerance works with global software outsourcing providers.


Frequently asked questions from service providers

 Answers for Service Providers

When it comes to working with Accelerance, we know you’ve got questions. Check out these FAQ's from service providers just like you.


Who is Accelerance?

Accelerance is a U.S. based outsourcing advisory firm that connects companies looking to outsource their software needs with the most talented software development teams on the planet. Only Accelerance travels the world to verify and certify the technical skills, industry expertise, and business practices of offshore and nearshore outsourcing companies. Our clients trust their software to Accelerance outsourcing providers.

How is Accelerance different from other outsourcing platforms?

Accelerance is more than a listing search for companies looking to outsource. We believe great software developers are everywhere, and we’re on a mission to connect clients looking to outsource with the most qualified software development teams in the world. To that end, Accelerance investigates your experience and conducts business-focused background checks to give Western companies the confidence they need to engage your services

How do you identify the most qualified teams on the planet?

Accelerance partner success specialists review your company’s technical and industry expertise, methodologies, English and communication skills, track record of success, company size, leadership, hiring practices, ratio of senior to junior employees, and more. Companies who meet Accelerance high standards of proven success are awarded the Accelerance Verified badge which is displayed on your profile and can be placed on your website.

What qualifications are you looking for?

Only the best outsourcing companies qualify to become an Accelerance Verified provider. Each technology, industry, and client story in which our service providers claim expertise is carefully vetted by us before we give them Verified status. As a 3rd party advisory firm, Accelerance validates your experience to be true and accurate so that client companies can outsource with confidence.

Do you check references?

Yes. When you provide examples of previous software development work to Accelerance, we make a diligent effort to verify the accuracy of the expertise you claimed in the software engagement you listed. Clients trust Accelerance to carefully vet each service provider before we grant Verified status, and we ensure you maintain credibility by requiring references to be updated every 18 months.

Can you just use references already verified by another source?

No, Accelerance must personally check all references.

Why is it important to become an Accelerance Verified provider?

With more than 70,000 outsourcing firms all over the world — and with varying degrees of credibility — you’ve got a lot of competition. Based in the US, Accelerance helps global providers overcome the business, communication, and cultural barriers you face every day. Client companies are looking for providers they can trust, and the Accelerance verification process provides the due diligence they need. By obtaining your Accelerance Verified status, you demonstrate to client companies that you’ve got the ability to deliver and the references to prove it.

What involvement do you have in software outsourcing?

Accelerance does not build software. Our role is to act as a 3rd party advisory firm connecting high-value clients with highly qualified software service providers.

How do I become an Accelerance trusted provider?

Visit this page to request to join our network. A partner success specialist will then be in touch to discuss next steps.

What are the differences between Basic, Pro and Premium levels of membership?

One of the most important parts of your profile on the Accelerance platform are your Client Stories. They have the largest impact on client prospects selecting your company for their software development. Accelerance designed the three platform membership to highlight the number of verified Client Stories published in your profile - at least 3 to achieve the Verified Pro level and 7 to move up to Verified Premium. Each level has an Accelerance badge you can use on your website to objectively demonstrate your credibility with prospects.

How much does it cost to join Accelerance?

Membership at all levels is free and includes a full featured Accelerance profile. You pay a 15% referral fee to Accelerance only when you close a deal with a client who discovers your company on the Accelerance platform. 

How do I connect with potential clients on your platform?

Build your profile that showcases your company along with your industry and technology experience. Upload client stories from previous engagements that demonstrate your company's outsourcing experience plus industry and technical expertise. Request Accelerance Verification and show potential clients you've got the experience and references to prove it.

Can I contact potential clients through the platform?

No, clients will contact you based on their interest in your profile.

How can I make my profile stand out to clients?

You achieve Pro membership when Accelerance verifies your 3rd Client Story and achieve the Premium level when Accelerance verifies your 7th Client Story. Your profle will display the Accelerance Verified label when you are at the Pro or Premium level. Plus every Expert technology and industry you tag to a verified Client Story is upgraded to the Verified Expert level and puts you higher in the search results when client prospects use the technology and industry as a search criteria.

Can I deal with clients outside of the platform?

Absolutely. You can exchange emails, phone calls, and hold video conferences or in-person meetings. However, any client company who discovers your company on the Accelerance platform is considered a lead generated by Accelerance and is subject to 15% referral fees. Service providers who work around Accelerance to avoid referral fees will be removed from the platform.

Can I collect referral fees if I refer clients to the platform?

Yes! If a potential client approaches you with a project you don’t think your team is the right fit for, refer them to Accelerance. We’ll connect them with another great service provider like you, and you’ll collect 20% of all revenue we collect over the first 18 months of the entire relationship. That might mean one project or it might mean several. The more engagements the client enters and the higher the value, the more revenue we’ll share with you.