[Clone From Webinars] - Managing Software Development in the Remote Age (Clone)

Mike McAuliffe

Mike McAuliffe

Oct 11, 2022 | ACCWEB2020 - Blog

Now more than ever, companies and employees must focus on staying in sync. Especially now that we are separated from our work teams.

This shift calls for a new range of behaviors and skills. Whether a company is structured remotely by choice, by the inclusion of contract employees or forced to be remote due to current pandemic circumstances, there are several key steps and mindsets that will help you embrace- and even benefit from- a remote work style.

Join Jim Marascio, CDO at Accelerance, Ron Lichty, Ron Lichty Consulting and Jeff Foster, CTO at ServiceCentral for Managing Software Development in the Remote Age. This exclusive webinar May 7th at 3pm EST, 12pm PST delves into the following topics with our group of experts:

  • Importance of remote communication

  • Risk mitigation via cross functional teams

  • Effective team collaboration

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Mike McAuliffe

Mike McAuliffe

In his role as Managing Director, Mike advises technology and technology-enabled companies on effective strategies when building high-performing, global software engineering teams. He is a highly accomplished executive, with proven ability in innovating and implementing business-building strategies for recognized Fortune 500 companies. He seeks to foster a culture of continuous improvement as well as maintaining adaptable and responsive practices that meet changing market conditions and business demands

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