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Offshore Software Development in Belarus

Tucked away just north of Ukraine is the country of Belarus. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Belarus was the manufacturing center for most of the computers and computer components in the former USSR. Belarus is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in Eastern Europe. The creation of Hi-Tech Park, a 123.5-acre home for IT companies in Minsk, has helped pave the way towards Belarus becoming the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. Hi-Tech Park inspires an environment teeming with innovation and offers reduced taxes and minimal bureaucratic oversight. The competitive advantages of Belarus make it an attractive outsourcing area with a strong software outsourcing industry and a great education system.


Approximately 2,000 highly-qualified IT programmers and engineers graduate from the country’s technical universities each year.


Russian is the official language, but Belarusian is spoken at home. Unlike neighboring Russia, Belarusians have a very high rate of English proficiency country-wide.


GDP is stable with continued growth. President Lukashenko’s pro- business policies are creating optimism for Belarus’ economic outlook.  GDP is expected to increase by 1.7% in 2018 and to 1.9% in 2019.


Belarus has a strong and protective legal system, as well as a close alliance with Russia. The Belarusian government actively supports IT outsourcing and has begun opening up to Western markets in recent years. The country has been run as a “Managed Democracy” with

a strong leader, Alexander Lukashenko, having won his fifth term as President in 2015 with no significant opposition.

Accelerance Partners in Belarus

The ecosystem of Accelerance Certified Expert (ACE) partners includes companies from Belarus that have been thoroughly screened and vetted. These ACE partners have good command of English and have agreed to Accelerance’s terms for intellectual property protection.

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