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Offshore Software Development in Colombia

Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa, are collectively known as CIVETS countries. Economists favor CIVETS because they have sophisticated financial systems, controlled inflation, an increasing population of young people, a variety of exports, increasing foreign direct investment and geostrategic locations.

Of the CIVETS countries, Colombia offers some of the best custom software outsourcing opportunities. The country also offers a westernized culture, is geographically close to the United States with a similar time zone. Colombians have an optimism and enthusiasm that’s contagious. Regardless of project roadblocks or challenges, they find ways to make things work. This attitude goes a long way to ensuring success in the software development world.


Each year over 13,000 engineering and technical professionals in IT-related fields graduate from Colombian universities, adding to the already-sizable software development workforce that demonstrates familiarity with a variety of technologies and development processes, including Agile and CMMI.


Spanish and English are well-spoken and Colombia is known as the most “business friendly” country in Latin America -- making it a great location for software development outsourcing.


Although Colombia’s economy almost collapsed over 10 years ago due to drug trade, the country has since turned into a success story with a now favorable economy.


Once ravaged by drug cartels and outlaw groups, Colombia has been working to keep drug trade in check as well as address social inequality. In September 2016, the government signed a peace agreement with the country’s largest rebel group, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to end the 52-year-old war that turned to cocaine trade to fuel its insurgency. The peace agreement helped Colombia gain political stability.


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