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Offshore Software Development in Ecuador

Ecuador is officially known as the Republic of Ecuador is located in northwestern South America and straddles the equator. It’s landscape includes Amazon jungles, Galapagos islands and Andean highlands. Ecuador is a promising location for software outsourcing development due to a strong education system and highly-skilled programmers and developers.


The education system is very strong in Ecuador and the government has even devoted a large percentage of GDP to education. Ecuadorian developers and programmers are highly-skilled in their technology skill sets.


The primary language in Ecuador is Spanish, however, there’s English proficiency is high.


Traditionally, Ecuador was considered a farming country, however, it’s economy has changed due to the discovery of oil. Likewise, there has been great growth in education and health throughout the country. Ecuador’s GDP is at $183.6 billion -- it has decreased by 0.8% due to lower scores on fiscal health, property rights and labor freedom.


In May 2017, President Lenin Moreno took office and promised to continue to encourage left-wing policies from its former president, Rafael Correa. Moreno promised more funding for the poor and social housing - to help create more jobs. Ecuador’s current political situation is considered stable and the country is a prime location for software outsourcing.  


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