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Offshore Software Development in Poland

Poland has a good relationship with and a respect for Western countries, including the United States. English is widely used in Poland, and the country is a very strong ally of the United States. As such, a solid affinity exists between the two countries. Additionally, Pope John Paul II was from Poland, endearing the country to the American Catholic community.

Business leaders in Poland have clearly expressed a desire for big companies to open technology development centers and create jobs in Poland. Large U.S. companies, such as IBM, Intel, Google and Motorola, have already set up operations there. Generally, these operations are for research and development of both hardware and software. Several special economic zones (SEZ), in which companies enjoy tax incentives, have been established by the Polish government. Poland has also become a manufacturing center for many European companies. Therefore, embedded software and other software that is closely related to hardware are often outsourced to Poland.

About 40,000 workers in Poland are graduating each year in Information and Communication Technologies, which is about the same number as in Russia. Their knowledge of English makes it is easy to work with Polish engineers. Poland is positioned to compete very well in the global market for software development talent and you should consider outsourcing there if quality and ease of communication are important to you

Accelerance Partners in Poland

The ecosystem of Accelerance Certified Expert (ACE) partners includes companies from Poland that have been thoroughly screened and vetted. These ACE partners have good command of English and have agreed to Accelerance’s terms for intellectual property protection.

These partners specializes in Java, .Net and Testing with other core capabilities in Sharepoint, mobile, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, HTML5, PHP, Cold Fusion, MS Dynamics, Ruby. Outsourcing to the Poland allows workday overlap with the U.S. to effectively implement an Agile and Lean software development processes where good client communication is critical to success.

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