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Offshore Software Development in Puerto Rico

Located around 1,000 miles east of Miami in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is very easy to get to; it is only a 2.5-hour plane ride from Miami and 3.5-hours from New York City. Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory in 1898 and is the most populous of all the territories. Puerto Rico is only four hours ahead of California and only one hour ahead of New York.


Education in Puerto Rico is divided in three levels—Primary (elementary school grades 1–6), Secondary (intermediate and high school grades 7–12), and Higher Level (undergraduate and graduate studies). As of 2002, the literacy rate of the Puerto Rican population was 94.1%; by gender, it was 93.9% for males and 94.4% for females. Puerto Rican partners are passionate about innovation and have a dedication and commitment to superior customer service. They have proficiencies in web development MVC, MS SQL Server, T-SQL, C++, Java and website design.


Although English is one of the official languages - it is taught in schools and most people receive technical training in the States at some point - Spanish is definitely the more dominantly spoken language. But English, is the language of business.


The U.S. territory has been experiencing incredible growth as a prominent destination for IT and software outsourcing. Puerto Rico-based IT resources can offer major cost savings, and have advantages way beyond their lower costs. Through the full support of federal and local governments, Puerto Rico has generated an attractive outsourcing environment composed of a highly educated population, a culture of technology experts dedicated to delivering excellence along with a technologically advanced and highly scalable infrastructure.


The nature of Puerto Rico's political relationship with the U.S. is the subject of ongoing debate in Puerto Rico, the United States Congress, and the United Nations Specifically, the basic question is whether Puerto Rico should remain a U.S. territory, become a U.S. state, or become an independent country.

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