Software Outsourcing Best Practices


There’s nothing more important than validating the qualifications and experience of your software outsourcing company. You've got a lot at stake with your software. Mitigate your risk with a vetted partner you can trust to deliver.


Find a Team

Tip: Evaluate outsourcing companies for their technical and industry experience, but also make sure they have proven experience as an outsourcing provider.

Search the world for your ideal outsourcing partner


Search the world

If you search for a software outsourcing provider on your own, start by specifying the tech stacks and industry experience that are important to your software. Then, perform a global search to create a short-list of companies that meet your outsourcing criteria.

The next step is to send an RFI, or request for information. Include an overview of the software you want to create, the number of developers you need on your team and your long-term vision and goals.

Use the responses you get and the results of meetings and/or video calls to screen your short list to two or three top contenders. Carefully investigate the depth of experience, ratio of junior to senior team members, and references. Investigate whether your provider has experience working with companies like yours.


Find a team 

Ask for references from your choice of a software development company

Look For Past Outsourcing Accomplishments

Leverage experienced leadership and past successes for your own gain. Ask for the resumes of prospective software development team members. Look for experience and work completed for other firms, as well as highly innovative accomplishments for senior developers. Engage software teams who can bring years of experience and understanding to your software requirements.

Ask for references and talk to past clients. Explore challenges faced and how they were overcome - by both the client and the provider. In many cases, a service provider brings valuable problem solving and strategic planning to an engagement. Ask past clients how the provider may have gone above and beyond software challenges to deliver real business solutions. 


Find a team

Plan to meet your outsourcced software development firm in person

Plan a Due Diligence Trip 

Online meeting and collaboration tools are sufficient when working across the miles, but don’t limit your outsourcing relationship solely to online interactions. Visit your outsourcing partner before you sign a contract. Visiting your outsourcing partner will be invaluable over the duration of your software engagement. Plan to visit every few months to keep relationships open, authentic and strong.

Talk to Accelerance about planning your due diligence travels. 


Find a team

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