Situational Summary


One Inc provides insurance companies a digital payments platform designed to increase retention, decrease admin expenses, and mitigate data security risk – while simplifying compliance. The One Inc Digital Payments Platform combines multi-channel digital communications with electronic payment processing and disbursement, creating a frictionless premiums and claims payments experience. As one of the fastest growing digital payments platforms in the insurance industry, One Inc manages billions of dollars per year in premiums and claims payments. 

Service Need and Relationship Vision

One Inc wants a connected line of business global technical operations strategy which will drive down environmental risk and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness. Current subsidiaries contain geopolitical, cyber and IP risk. These risks must be mitigated to increase the overall value of One Inc. This will be achieved through a reallocation of development resources that will provide strong skill sets, maintain labor cost arbitration and better optimize time zone differences.


Accelerance will present a Partner Overview document for review on July 30th detailing three distinct partners.  We will work with One Inc to set up one-hour meetings next week to talk with the partners they approve and determine best fit.

Selection and Success Criteria

Partner must demonstrate the ability to provide core development capabilities, quality assurance, BA as needed to maintain and improve the Premium Payment Platform.

The cost component should represent a significant discount to onshore resources.

Time Frame

As mentioned, evaluation of the proposed partners will be conducted in the first half of August with project kickoff shortly after the appropriate partner has been identified.

Decision Process

One Inc will make the final decision based on conversations with the proposed teams.  

Our Recommendations

Accelerance has considered your objectives and partner selection criteria in the context of all members in the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Given your declared needs and objectives, Accelerance is delighted to introduce the below Certified Partners as our top aligned choices to work as a dedicated Partner.

These accomplished groups are excellent representatives of the 60+ Members of our Global Service Provider Network.

View the Partner Matrix

View the Partner Matrix


Partner Information and Other Relevant Materials

Accelerance gathers and compiles relevant due diligence information on our Partners to share with you. This includes presentations, Assessments, blogs, and Accelerance Video Interviews of Partner leaders discussing topics of outsourcing interest. To review information and other relevant material for your top aligned Accelerance Partners, click on the links below.

What pwrteams has to say about your project


We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with One Inc.

One Inc’s strategic thinking and plans to migrate its software development & operations from Russia to Eastern-Europe matches Skelia’s strengths and geographical footprint :

  • We have experience to migrate complete service packages towards Skelia as part of our Power teams offering Dedicated Teams such as a 25 people-based QA service team from Kazakhstan towards Skelia.
  • We have experience with relocation of foreign software developers towards Poland Staff Relocation
  • Consider Skelia as “organization builders”. We have built over 200 cross-border organizations for companies in Europe and US - from extended software development & QA teams, 24/7 service centers, R&D up to BPO teams.
  • Our service center in Krakow, Poland, would be a perfect target location for One Inc. Headquartered in Luxembourg and New York, Skelia operates through a network of European and US-based offices and state-of-the-art service centers in Poland (Krakow) and Ukraine (Kyiv and L'viv).
  • We attract best talent. Skelia is a no-bench company, we can therefore source best matching profiles targeting a perfect mix of technology skills, soft skills, industry experience, seniority level and career ambition.   

We are especially proud by the independent Skelia customer reviews (4.8/5, 20 reviews, ), our international awards & recognition, including “Global Top 100 Sustained Growth company” ( ).

Several Skelia customer case studies & testimonials are listed in and .

Patrik Vandewalle - CEO for Skelia


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What XXXPointwestXXX has to say about your project


What an interesting opportunity for Pointwest. As you are aware we excel in the area of Fintech and payment processing with many international clients. Replacing a team functions is always a tricky and difficult process. We would need to run several information gathering sessions with your client to learn more about their process and timelines. We are most confident we can execute and service this request. 

Please share our Finance case studies with your client and let us know how we can help. Case Studies

Dave Aguila

Head of Application Modernization 

Business: +632 8814 1100


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What CI&T has to say about your project


I understand why you reached out to us for this project as we have a lot of transitioning teams from multiple locations. We also have deep expertise in the payments area and can provide a senior level team to work with your client to understand how to migrate the functions and people who are supporting their platform. 

CINQs locations are advantageous (1 to 2 hours ahead EST), for it allows for a generous overlap and our team is used to working flexible hours with our US and European clients to ensure maximum collaboration and communication. Another important aspect of CINQ that clients benefit from it our size and technical expertise. We are more than 1,000 technical people ranging from design, developers, squad leaders, all the way to data scientists.

CINQ Technologies has clients in several regions of the US with whom we interact daily, one of them has several offices around the globe and our employees are used to interface with other teams outside the US (Ireland, Singapore, China, India, Belgium and also places in the middle east).

We look forward to meeting your client and learning more! 

Aldir Brandao

Chief Business Development Office - Cinq Technologies


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After you review this proposal please respond with feedback and questions so that we can clarify your needs and preferences.

The next recommended step is to have a brief 1 hour video call with two or more recommended partners using a simple agenda below. You will use the calls to validate shared information while exploring other related topics like how they work with clients and how they would create and ramp up your team, what software development methods they use with clients, case studies, metrics, etc... You can choose to keep the call at the business level or you can make it more technical.

Partner Intro Video Call - Recommended Agenda

  • 15 min: Overview of your company background and project goals and objectives.  
  • 15 min: Partner overview and review of their ability to support your software development needs
  • 25 min: Q & A 
  • 5 min: Next Steps
Ryan Schauer
Partner Success Manager
Accelerance Inc.