Software Outsourcing Best Practices


Outsource your software development, but not the management responsibility for success. Only your employees have the proper perspective that comes from proximity to your customers to play this role.

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Tip: Focus the project management skills of your outsourced developer on milestones and deliverables.

Leverage experience in basic requirements and design

Leverage Experience in Requirements and Design

You don’t need to provide complete software specifications, but a clear vision for your software is essential. Sketch out the basic requirements then take advantage of the experience and skill of your outsourced team. They can help you get to a final design much more quickly and cost effectively than you could on your own. And they learn the details of your software in the process.


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Create an acceptance test

Create an Acceptance Test

An acceptance test that your software must pass before new code can be released as part of your software is crucial. Use appropriate standards and require documentation of your source code as it’s written to facilitate a quick ramp-up by new engineers and employees. This is essential in a dynamic world where code development is frequently collaborative and shared.


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Prepare for flexibility

Use Agile, Scrum and Kanban

Use Agile, Scrum or Kanban project management methodologies to get your software development started quickly and keep your development on track with frequent builds and releases.

Require frequent software builds and release milestones with a clear definition of the features and fixes targeted for each. It’s better to have an intermediate release with new functionality that can be tested long-prior to your consumer release than it is to wait twice as long for complete functionality that is incorrectly implemented or too complex to test effectively.


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