1. Situation Summary

Company Background
Promontory is a startup backed by its parent, Promontory Financial Group. Promontory is a leading strategy, risk management, and regulatory compliance consulting firm focusing primarily on the financial services industry. Led by its Founder and CEO, Eugene A. Ludwig, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, its professionals have deep and varied expertise gained through decades of experience as senior leaders of regulatory bodies, financial institutions and Fortune 100 corporations. Promontory’s reputation for excellence has fueled its growth since its launch in 2001.

Senior management has had extensive experience outsourcing software development when at other companies and has launched a startup subsidiary whose strategy is to develop software products to be used by financial services clients leveraging its compliance and banking expertise.

Current Configuration
The company has just started building a team. It has two architects, a DB and Sofware Dev engineer; a data analyst; and a few subject matter experts.

Time. Once Promontory receives the first tranche of its institutional funding, it wants to hit the ground running with an optimized development team to get to the revenue generation milestone at the earliest possible time frame.

Promontory is looking for resources that understand the full Java stack including java script, Samsa (or the like), Kafka (or the like), MongoDB, etc. Any expertise in event or domain driven design a plus.

Desired Headcount
A partner team of 4 to 6, which will grow over time.

Commitment should last a year and could grow.

Time Frame
Launch project in Q2 2016.

Preferred Locations
Open to Nearshore and Asia.

2. Objectives & Selection Criteria for This Engagement

Specifically, your objectives are:

  • Flexibility:  Rapid ramp-up of an outsourced team – as dictated by your current and anticipated future development needs.
  • Technical Expertise: Technical expertise in developing custom applications suited to your business goals and requirements and according to the client's specific technical requirements as they exist.
  • Capabilities: Beyond technical expertise, you want a Partner whose teams can handle the full cycle of software development, doing so in an independent, collaborative and flexible manner.
  • Methodology:  Experience with Agile methods in Software Development – documented and experienced best practices utilizing an Agile Framework and able to produce and achieve reasonable time estimates for sprints.
  • Talent:  Access to a reasonably deep talent pool as dictated by the relationship needs, with the help of a Partner that will increase the speed of ramping up of the kind of team you seek, utilizing a proven HR and training process.  The composition of any team must be able to reasonably flex as needs dictate.
  • Cost Efficiency:  While not the only top priority, this is an important driver:  cost savings are expected but not at the expense of work quality.
  • Location & Time Zone:  Nearshore and Asia.
  • Timing:  Q2 2016, subject to budget and planning.
  • Cultural and Language Alignment: Excellent communication and problem solving skill

3. Introduction to Accelerance's Recommendations

Accelerance has considered the your objectives and vendor selection criteria in the context of all members in the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Accelerance is delighted to recommend Tiempo (Mexico), KMS (Vietnam) and PSL (Colombia / Mexico) as our top aligned choices and great matches for your needs.



Tiempo Development
AGP Matrix Score *


  • Excellent skills match
  • 100% work day overlap
  • Hybrid setup (office in Phoenix)
  • Pricing will be higher than Asia

4. Partner Information and Other Relevant Materials

Accelerance gathers and compiles relevant due diligence information on our Partners to share with you. This includes presentations, Assessments, blogs, and Accelerance Video Interviews of Partner leaders discussing topics of outsourcing interest. To review information and other relevant material for your top aligned Accelerance Partners, click on the links below.

Contact Information

Accelerance Quick Take

What Tiempo Development says about Promontory Financial Group

Promontory Financial is right in our wheelhouse: with our onshore /nearshore model, a sizable team and multiple locations in Mexico, we are confident we can provide responsive service and a highly qualified team. 


Click the link below to review information and other relevant material compiled during the certification process carried out by Accelerance for this partner:


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Contact Information

Accelerance Quick Take

What KMS says about Promontory Financial Group

Our hybrid delivery model means that Promontory will benefit from Asian pricing and expertise but have an onshore delivery team to work with.


Click the link below to review information and other relevant material compiled during the certification process carried out by Accelerance for this partner:


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Contact Information

Accelerance Quick Take

What PSL says about Promontory Financial Group

We have team with deep technical expertise in the areas that Promontory needs support and a long track record of working successfully with American firms using agile development.


Click the link below to review information and other relevant material compiled during the certification process carried out by Accelerance for this partner:


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5. Additional Information About Our Selection

Since 2001, Accelerance has curated detailed information on more than 6,000 global software development firms. We have assessed more than 1,500 of these firms at a greater detailed level.

 Accelerance deeply assesses all of our partners on multiple operational and develop based levels, including site visit assessments before admitting them into the Accelerance network. We continue to monitor, assess and consult with ongoing partner-client engagements to assure development and relationship success. As part of our evolving partner relationships, we continually update our knowledge of our partner's capabilities, strengths and successes and we produce content for clients to dimensionalize these partner facets.

 Currently, 50 software development partners in 30 countries have been fully vetted extensively on site and over time to earn our designation of Accelerance Certified Expert (ACE) Partner. Learn more about our assessment process here.

6. Ramp-Up of Your Outsourcing with an Accelerance Partner

After you review this proposal please revert with your feedback and questions so that we can clarify your needs and preferences.

If everything is good, the next recommended step is to have brief (<= 1-hour) video calls with one or more recommended partners using a simple agenda below. You will use the calls to validate shared information while exploring other related topics like how they work with clients and how they would create and ramp up your team, what software development methods they use with clients, case studies, metrics, etc... You can choose to keep the call at the business level or you can make it more technical.

The call(s) enable you to benchmark and validate some basic principles and to get a feel how each Partner relates and fits to your working environment. In other words, it takes this process from the theoretical to the actual, with a small but important investment of time.

My assistant Yael Passarelli will set up the call(s) for us.  

Partner Intro Video Call - Recommended Agenda

  • Quick overview of your goals and reasons driving this desire to bring on a partner 
  • Quick overview of the Partner, 5 – 10 min, size/scale/location/#clients, ability to support your software development needs
  • Key competencies, 5 – 10 min, what are the unique attributes that differentiate Partner
  • Partner Case study: 15 – 20 min, walk through of a recent customer project (ideally similar to you) including
    • Project objective & timeframe
    • # resources on both sides
    • Technologies used
    • Key challenges and how they were addressed
    • How was the project managed, kept on track, stakeholders notified, etc.
  • How were risks identified & mitigated
  • In retrospect, what were the lessons learned by both sides.
  • Next Steps

7. On-Going Support from Accelerance

Your on-going relationship with the Accelerance partner of your choosing will be direct and participation by Accelerance is not required. For example, your signed agreement for deployment of your programming team, rates, terms and conditions will be with the Partner.

However, Accelerance is always available to you for advice and guidance of your global outsourcing relationships. In fact we will check in with you from time-to-time to ensure things are going well with your outsourcing.

Beyond the assessment that Accelerance performs on each global partner to validate their overall effectiveness and track record in delivering software development services to U.S. clients, Accelerance also uses a sophisticated set of metrics and alignment steps to ensure the recommended partner is the best fit to meet your short and long term needs.

Accelerance continues to serve both parties to ensure a successful launch and long term engagement after the initial introductory call:

  • Accelerance works with both parties to agree on equitable contractual arrangements based on industry best practices.
  • Accelerance provides feedback and guidance on the Governance Models based on industry best practices.
  • Accelerance continues to assess, monitor and report the performance and satisfaction levels of each party, independently, throughout the initial years of a relationship in order to provide key guidance and feedback to best ensure a healthy, ongoing relationship.

Our clients have found that continued involvement by Accelerance helps ensure an exceptional outsourcing experience. We hope you will join them and select one of our top choices as the recommended Accelerance global partner for your outsourced software development.