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Bomgar is the leading provider of secure remote support solutions that enable technology support professionals to access and fix devices. In order to achieve their 2 year outlined projections, Bomgar partnered with a LatAm team of 10+ working across UI, backend, JavaScript (Angular), CSS3, CSS preprocessors (e.g. LESS or SASS), HTML5, C#, ASP.Net, WPF, ADO.Net, SQL Server integrating third party tools and delivering product to market.

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Atlanta-based Global Payments is a worldwide leader in payment technology. We helped them select a Colombian partner to add 100-200 additional developers who will collaborate with onsite development and leadership and an existing Ukraine development partner in addressing a huge backlog and roadmap for development. We also deploy (4) full time consultants onsite to reorganize and impart leadership to the PMO.


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PhishLabs provides managed threat intelligence and mitigation services that protect brands, customers, and the enterprise from digital risks. Their in house team consisted of a dozen engineers. They also were working with a “vendor” in India providing fifteen “more heads” for one specific project. The challenge was finding senior and mid level engineering talent in their competitive local market.  The result was, they were limited in their ability to expand and grow their current product offerings. Accelerance joined a search process already in progress and immediately provided options beyond what they were able to source internally. The ended up selecting a group in Buenos Aires, with a highly-functioning team of 10 supporting the internal team, working in Java, Go, PHP, Python, and React.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.06.50 PMServiceCentral provides web-based reverse logistics, service and repair management software solutions that enable companies to transform the after-sales service of product into a profit stream. Located in Atlanta, ServiceCentral development team currently consists of 6-8 developers in house and 12 in Russia. Given their growth, they need to efficiently established a team of 10, ideally in Latin America, working in ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SQL, Oracle, HTML5, CSS, Rest and SOAP. Accelerance provided quality options in Argentina and Brazil, with the Brazilian group selected. Accelerance joined ServiceCental at the Partner’s location to lead a comprehensive, two-day workshop to kick off the relationship and ensure success.