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Our work with clients consistently shows that unless your outsourcing engagement uses a team of developers greater than 5% of the total number of developers at your outsourcing partner company then you're not likely to get the attention you need to be successful.

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Tip: Make sure your engagement represents at least 5% and no more than 20% of your outsourcing company's business base. 

Find the right size software development team

Is your software outsourcing partner too big? Too small? 

Ask about company size and what percent of business your engagement will represent. It’s hopeless to try and get good results from a too-large IT outsourcing company for custom software outsourcing work if you're small potatoes in their business base. All the large well-known IT outsourcing companies are over 10,000 developers - so unless you're hiring hundreds of developers, you'd be better served by smaller companies where your software matters more.

Conversely, you don't want to be the only client your outsourcing partner is serving. The right size outsourcing company for a 80 developer team is in the range of 500 to 2,000 total developers. 


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Create an acceptance test

Create an Acceptance Test

An acceptance test that your software must pass before new code can be released as part of your software is crucial. Use appropriate standards and require documentation of your source code as it’s written to facilitate a quick ramp-up by new engineers and employees. This is essential in a dynamic world where code development is frequently collaborative and shared.


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You have thousands of options

You Have Thousands of Options

You may think limiting the size cuts down on the number of choices available for a software partner, but there are literally thousands of high-quality, small software outsourcing companies around the world to choose from. Of course size is only one criteria for selecting a great software outsourcing company. Combine size with technical excellence and location to select a partner that best fits your needs.

Talk to Accelerance about the size of your engagement. We've reviewed more than 8,000 software companies of every size all over the world. 


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