TalentkastTalentKast is a marketplace for high end technical talent for companies looking to find fulltime employees. Similar to hired.com and gild.com

Tacit Innovations

tacit_innovationsTacit Innovations is a fast growing technology company that is quickly being recognized as a relevant player transforming the way restaurants engage and service their customers.


SeonSeon is beginning development of a new software product and was unable to hire enough programmers locally in a timely manner.


perksPerks provides global incentive programs that motivate, recognize and reward the people that matter most to your business.

Nicholas Alexander

nicholas_alexanderNicholas Alexander will offer retailers (and other verticals) unique, inaudible tones to be mixed in with other sources of media: radio, tv, instore ambiance, outdoor venues, bars, etc.

Merchant Atlas

Merchant_AtlasMerchant Atlas is a pioneer in aggregating merchant data from conventional and extreme data sources into a high-quality database for direct sales to small businesses, franchise operators and independently owned brand retailers.


LesConciergesLesConcierges is an established services company in San Francisco that uses an internal CRM-like software application to facilitate the delivery of their concierge service to clients such as American Express and Apple computer. For example, concierge services offered include booking restaurant, hotel and airline reservations using special deals.

Impac Systems

impac_systemsImpac Systems provides engineering services and tools focused on mechanical engineers.

GT Software - Java

GT_SoftwareFor over 30 years GT Software has helped organizations derive the greatest business benefit from their mainframe investments by delivering cost-effective enterprise modernization, migration and data access solutions.

Fulltime Fantasy

fftoolboxFulltime Fantasy owns and operates fftoolbox.com, the leading independent provider of fantasy sports information and analysis.