Gongos Client Vertical - Market Research Client size -51-200 employees
Technologies Implemented
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Client Description
The market research firm Gongos uses the power of user communities, surveys, and focus groups to analyze data. This allows its clients to make “customer minded decisions,” engaging with customers and product users. Gongos had an existing platform called Instinct, this was used to gather opinions and behavioral data from voluntary users. Gongos needed to create a customizable web platform allowing them to set up new, customized websites with the look and feel of each clients company.  Each website needed to be consistent with that corporate client’s own product website. These websites would host user communities for each client company or product, and each site would handle up to half a million users, it had to be fast, secure, and robust!
Partner Description
Leading software developer located in Uruguay with offices in the United States and 10+ years of experience to their name. This Accelerance Partner provides state of the art web applications running frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap, Knockout etc, mixed with REST and MVC or NodeJS backends. They focus on Native and HTML5 mobile apps and portals as well as collaboration and CRM with Microsoft Cloud products. This Partner is an excellent option for a wide variety of clients looking for an Agile, creative team.
Geographical Location
The Accelerance Partner worked with Gongos’ own talented in house developers closely, keeping the project on track. Due to the fact that Gongos already had a talented in-house development team, they didn’t bring in The Accelerance Partner just to put the project in their lap, they worked together with The Accelerance Partner's talented staff as a single, coherent team. Gongos was already partial to Net MVC and Xamarin Mobile for the develop environment, and upon the Accelerance Partner's recommendation, they brought in Angular JS.  The upgraded Instinct platform used by Gongos is now far more robust, and scales easily to handle millions of users across multiple global brands. When Gongos is ready to gear up for a new project on behalf of a client, it is straightforward to set up the new customer community within Instinct, designing it to have a look and feel consistent with the client’s product website. They have the ability to customize the interactions and to gather the data relevant to the product’s user community. The system allows Gongos to collect, compile and perform in-depth analysis of vast amounts of customer data and feedback, enabling Gongos clients to make data-informed, customer minded decisions.
What Clients Say About This Partner

"The Accelerance Partner team has been a tremendous extension to our team! They are easy to work with, are open to learning about us and our vision, and bring a new and fresh perspective to our development process."

Jason Muxlow
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