Software Outsourcing Best Practices


It’s fine to hire a contract developer or two when you have a temporary need or a small project. But serious software development requires a team of developers, not just one or two rock stars. Make sure you hire a company that can provide a team and not just individual developers.


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Tip: Reduce your risk by working with software development companies who can keep your engagement fully staffed instead of working with freelancers. 

Understand the challenges that come along with hiring freelancers

The Challenge with Freelancers

Frustrated technical executives may exclaim, “I know how to hire developers, I just can’t find enough candidates!” They try to build a team of individual freelancers around the world and get them to work together effectively. The freelancer approach might work, but it’s not easy! Even pre-vetted, highly-recommended freelancers are individual contractors whose daily work schedule you cannot control. And if they take another contract assignment, cut their hours or simply no longer show up on line... you're stuck looking for their replacement.


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Understand the benefits of hiring an outsourced software development company

Hire a Company, not Freelancers

A better approach to software outsourcing is to hire an offshore, nearshore, or onshore company that offers a team working together in the same office - even if it's just 2 or 3 developers. Good outsourcing companies recruit, train and create an environment where your development team will be productive. And, most are constantly recruiting and hiring. Look for an outsourcing partner who'll always have someone on the bench to join your team if one of your developers unexpectedly leaves. Your software development continues without interruption.


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A team environment is preferred so developers don't need to start from scratch

Teams Offer The Right Environment

Professional software development companies create the right environment and company culture where software developers can be innovative and productive. Creating this culture can be a tall order for companies who don't specialize in software development. A freelancer or a group of freelancers doesn't provide the synergy gained from a professional culture.  You can still engage small teams - or even individual developers, but in a productive team environment that you don’t have to create from scratch. It’s software development as a turnkey service.


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