Software Outsourcing Best Practices


Rapid access to technologies, best practices and methodologies is a significant benefit of outsourcing software development. Our in-house research analysts verify the technical and industry expertise of every Accelerance Verified provider.


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Tip: Qualified teams all over the world specialize in leading technologies that could take your company years to duplicate

Set priorties while searching for offshore developers

Make sure your partner can walk the walk

Take the time to find an outsourcing provider with the perfect technical expertise for your software. Determine the top 3 technical skills your software requires and set them as top priorities in your outsourcing criteria. Focus on technical expertise that makes the greatest positive impact on user experience and overall quality of your software. Then, do your due diligence and be sure your outsourcing provider can “walk the walk” and not just talk a good game.


Find a team

Make sure that you work with experienced outsourced software developers

Insist on specialists

Generalists are valuable for their broad knowledge base, but specialists increase the value of your software and your outsourcing investment. Insist on outsourcing companies with a high-level of expertise in specific, relevant technologies or industries. 

Teams with a mix of junior, mid-level and senior developers perform best. A lower-cost team of all junior developers will lack the experience to be productive, while hiring only senior developers in an attempt to get a team filled exclusively with the most experienced developers will cost you more and may cause teamwork issues. Balanced teams are your best option.


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