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Situational Summary

xOps is a global DevOps team consumed with the idea of using technology to improve operations and the world. Our Services xOps provides a range of services from site monitoring to log management to individualized technology consulting. Let us help you accelerate your Ops. Our Technology We use Open Source software to offer you the best end-to-end monitoring and operations tools on the planet. to contribute

Larry Gordon a former co-worker and long time friend :-) of Andy Hilliard asked Accelerance for help in securing partnerships where the partner had a proven track record and bench of ServiceNow talent.

Larry's SN sample requirements are as such:

Job Description

ServiceNow Developer New York City. Experience with GRC modules of ServiceNow preferred. Minimum 3 years ServiceNow admin and development experience required.

  • 3 month contract minimum extendable to 12 months
  • Must be onsite in New York City and a US Citizen
  • Must past full background check and drug screen

xOps is a highly focused IT services and consulting firm that is a terrific place for Ops and DevOps engineers to work. We offer services that help our clients run their IT and cybersecurity operations better. Employees are encouraged to do their jobs, interact and advise clients using all their knowledge and experience and learn more with each customer engagement.

Seeking a senior ServiceNow developer to automate IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). This effort will include improvements to major GRC processes including Vendor Risk, Policy and Compliance. Automation will be used wherever possible to ensure light-weight and agile service management process and tooling. In addition, security process improvements will be implemented leveraging ServiceNow.

Key Activities

This initiative will be implemented as an Agile project with priorities to be set by Product Owner. The following provides an outline of some of the key activities which may be included in the implementation of this project.

Risk Management


  • Develop risk profiles and ticket workflow to align with process
  • Add risk remediation process based on risk priority
  • Add/Modify risk registry intake
  • Develop useful risk metrics and dashboards


  • Risk Management module implementation in ServiceNow
  • Risk remediation process
  • Risk dashboard


  • Reduced risk leading to improved stability and increased security
  • Ability to more accurately quantify and prioritize risks across the organization

Policy Management


  • Add policies and controls – work with GRC team to ensure proper mappings completed for BAU process activities
  • Configure policy management review and approval workflow to align with policy management process
  • Develop useful policy metrics and dashboards


  • Policy Management module implementation in ServiceNow
  • Policy management approval and workflow mapping

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $110.00 /hour

xOps has ServiceNow needs right now and they have been aggressively marketing this over the past few months:


We hope your summer is progressing nicely.  Even though it is a "slower" time of year, many clients are asking us how to get more ServiceNow work done.  Some are concerned with compliance and risk and others are more focused on uptime.

We are sharing an article we wrote that could help you.  Plus we have built a pool of ServiceNow consultants and capabilities that may help you on a very practical level as well.  

Let us know if we can help.


Larry Gordon




Below are the top 1% that will best fit your need for a success long term partnership. 

Our Recommendations

Accelerance has considered your objectives and vendor selection criteria in the context of all members in the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Given your declared needs and objectives, Accelerance is delighted to introduce the below Certified Partners as our top aligned choices to work as a dedicated Partner.

These accomplished groups are excellent representatives of the 60+ Members of our Global Service Provider Network.

View the Partner Matrix

View the Partner Matrix

Partner Matrix


Partner Information and Other Relevant Materials

Accelerance gathers and compiles relevant due diligence information on our Partners to share with you. This includes presentations, Assessments, blogs, and Accelerance Video Interviews of Partner leaders discussing topics of outsourcing interest. To review information and other relevant material for your top aligned Accelerance Partners, click on the links below.

What has to say about your project

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the opportunity! In terms of a development: I personally managed this project 3 years ago here and still have back end (non standard SQL functions, non out of the box in this PaaS) and front end ServiceNOW (same for JavaScript) engineers in house.

This is a system which we've developed:

In terms of ServiceNOW infrastructure support: our infra department declares this as a part of their standard services.

General situation in Ukraine: exactly ServiceNOW engineers present in Infopulse and Ukraine. However, their number is limited compare to regular Java, .NET, Angular, React. Positive aspect: this is very simple PaaS which requires minimal initial knowledge for a good engineer. I personally feel confident in this opportunity and cannot wait to meet with Larry and review in greater detail.

Best regards,

Bogdan Tanygin

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What has to say about your project


BairesDev has executed ServiceNow projects in the past and can staff easily based on the requirements.

I’m 100% sure we will be the company that will create the best team in the shortest period of time by far. We’re probably one of the few companies that are able to create a team with solid engineers and Leaders in a matter of only a few days. As you may know, we have received more than 45K (+80K including people applying for the 2nd time) new applicants in the last 12 months ( and our staffing process for deploying teams is not only very fast, but very strict too (we hire less than 1% of the applicants). We could definitely start setting up the team in the next few days.



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Recommended Reading


After you review this proposal please respond with feedback and questions so that we can clarify your needs and preferences.

The next recommended step is to have a brief 1 hour video call with two or more recommended partners using a simple agenda below. You will use the calls to validate shared information while exploring other related topics like how they work with clients and how they would create and ramp up your team, what software development methods they use with clients, case studies, metrics, etc... You can choose to keep the call at the business level or you can make it more technical.

Partner Intro Video Call - Recommended Agenda

  • 15 min: Overview of your company background and project goals and objectives.  
  • 15 min: Partner overview and review of their ability to support your software development needs
  • 25 min: Q & A 
  • 5 min: Next Steps

Ryan Schauer

Partner Success Manager