Situational Summary

Zywave, is a software company specializing in insurance software. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zywave solutions are relied upon by over 6,000 brokerages worldwide, including all of the top 100 U.S. insurance firms. As such, they are the leaders of the insurance tech industry,

Key to their success is their all-on-one technology platform, which includes cloud-based sales management, client delivery, content and analytics solutions. This is embedded with robust data and the most comprehensive content portfolio available,

Events of 2020 have led Zywave to consider establishing a new relationship with a remote Service Provider. The first necessary, then successful, shift to remote work due to Covid-19 has encouraged  Zywave to reconsider the location and composition of their engineering team, to where they no longer have to rely solely on the greater Milwaukee market. Additionally, through strategic acquisitions, Zywave has inherited various outsourced groups (4) that, while functional, do not fit into their long-term vision.

The immediate opportunity is to identify and engage a best-aligned Partner to replace at least three of their inherited groups, with a combined headcount of 12. If successful, there are many opportunities for this team to scale.

The initial engagement will start with 3 people (just developers: no QA, no product owners, etc.) who will be incorporated into an existing scrum team. The tech stack is .NET based, running a MySQL database. They will be working on a legacy product, but one that is still very important to the company, and still in very high use. They very much want this team to function as Zywave employees to the greatest extent possible: a fully onboarded team. As Zywave has worked with groups around the world, they are flexible as far as location. An ideal price target would be $40/hour: some price discount would be great but their main interest is getting a pipeline of quality talent.

They would like to start early Q1.

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What has to say about your project

Mike and Ryan, 

DB1 is a good fit for this opportunity as it has strong professionals with great exposure and knowledge on .Net. DB1 is a Gold Application Development Microsoft Partner and several developers are Microsoft Certified Professional. DB1 developers are responsible not only for development but also to provide critical inputs on the road maps, highlighting most likely risks and benefits of the chosen path and how to maximize the best outputs to the Client business.

Today, DB1 works on several projects using .Net language, hosted on Azure environments most of the time. DB1 is used to engage with clients in industries that are highly regulated, from Insurances, Banking and Financial Services.


Wagner Lopes

International Business Development - DB1

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What has to say about your project

Mike and Ryan,

Thanks for the interesting opportunity.  Very good match with Skelia as we pair cross-boarder teams every day! 

We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with ZyWave. Sounds as their strategic thinking,  cross-border plans and Microsoft technology needs uniquely match Skelia’s strengths. Skelia is a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, headquartered in New York and operating through a network of European & US offices and state-of-the-art service centers in Poland (Krakow) and Ukraine (Kyiv and Lviv).

Consider Skelia as “organization builders”. We have built over 150 stable cross-border organizations for companies in US and Europe from extended software development & QA teams up to 24/7 service centers.  Skelia is a no-bench company, we can therefore source best matching profiles targeting a perfect mix of technology skills, soft skills, industry experience, seniority level and career ambition.   In short, specific to Skelia’s business model is that :

  • You stay in control
  • We custom-build your team based on best matching profiles in the market
  • We can work your way (tools, processes, policies)
  • Our open book pricing model
  • Our true partnership practices (shared objectives,  no “wall” in between us)
  • No lock-in and easy scale-down – no volume/duration commitments, no exit fees
  • You can spin-off and acquire your Skelia team as a fully owned legal entity

While we are overall price competitive, the top-3 reasons why customers prefer Skelia are 1) the quality of Skelia’s resources, 2) our exceptional team retention (turnover < 10%) and 3) our customer’s possibility to spin-off and acquire their team as a fully owned affiliate company (BOT model). We are especially proud by the independent Skelia customer reviews  (4.8/5, 17 reviews on Clutch ) and international awards & recognition, including most recently  “Global Top 100 Sustained Growth company” and “#1 IT & Business Services company in Ukraine”. 

Several Skelia customer case studies & testimonials are listed here. 

Some specific Microsoft-related cases:

  • TimeLessTodat (CA) : Here   
  • Televic Healthcare (Europe) : Here

 We look forward to meeting your client to learn more and show how we can help. 


Patrik Vandewalle - CEO

mobile: + 32 475 445116

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What has to say about your project

Mike and Ryan,

Thanks for taking the time to discuss your client Zywave, this sounds like a phenomenal opportunity for us that is well aligned with our core business model.  We try to team with clients that are looking to build long term partnerships.  Many of our existing clients have been working with us for 20 years, since the launch of Jalasoft.  I look forward to meeting with them to show them what we have to offer, but here are a few highlights that we can review further in the coming weeks.

  • We excel at providing world class engineers that are an extension to our client’s teams, from the low level ‘click tester’ to software architects.  
    • Our engineers are your engineers, they just happen to be in a different locale.
  • We embrace long term partnerships 
    • Many of our senior engineers and architects started their engineering careers with the very clients that now depend on them to lead their teams and define product architecture.
  • We have experience with clients large and small, from fortune 500 public enterprises, private equity backed companies to newly formed startups.
  • We are experts in Microsoft technologies, roughly half of our clients are .Net/C#.  
  • We have extensive experience with SaaS platforms, working with many of our clients to help defined their strategy for cloud operations.
  • We have significant JavaScript knowledge, (vanilla, React…)
  • We focus on providing full-stack, blended teams that have the expertise to deliver high quality results at a reasonable price.
  • We provide career growth for our people to maintain job satisfaction and minimize turnover.
    • We build and train many of our people through our various programs in Bolivia to ensure a steady pipeline of quality engineers.
    • Every customer has a core manager assigned to the team, at our cost, to ensure both employee and client are happy with the partnership. 
  • We have more than 1,000 employees working in our Engineering Services division in South America, focused exclusively on US client and their worldwide divisions and subsidiaries.  
    • We work in your time zone and focus on your needs.  There is no need to schedule meetings before breakfast or after dinner, or constantly worry about what time it is half way around the world!


Let me know when we can have a call to learn more about Zywave’s needs and discuss how we can start a new partnership for the next 20 years!


Greg Holbrow

Vice President, Engineering Services

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After you review this proposal please respond with feedback and questions so that we can clarify your needs and preferences.

The next recommended step is to have a brief 1 hour video call with two or more recommended partners using a simple agenda below. You will use the calls to validate shared information while exploring other related topics like how they work with clients and how they would create and ramp up your team, what software development methods they use with clients, case studies, metrics, etc... You can choose to keep the call at the business level or you can make it more technical.

Partner Intro Video Call - Recommended Agenda

  • 15 min: Overview of your company background and project goals and objectives.  
  • 15 min: Partner overview and review of their ability to support your software development needs
  • 25 min: Q & A 
  • 5 min: Next Steps
Ryan Schauer
Partner Success Manager
Accelerance Inc.