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About Making Sense

At Making Sense, they are the right brain and left. Hemisphere bridgers. Chaos collectors. Sense Makers. There is no software without experience. No code without design. They make sense by making you believe that with great code and design—anything is possible. Magic isn’t the absence of logic. Magic is the logic that we’ve forgotten. They ... Read more →

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  • Custom Software Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Applications

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Our Process

Rapid access to technologies, best practices and methodologies is a significant benefit of outsourcing software development. Our research analysts investigated and verified the technical and industry expertise of Making Sense.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • Azure
  • C#
  • C++
  • DevOps
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Jquery
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Mobile Apps
  • MySQL
  • Node.JS
  • PHP
  • Python
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  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
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Certifications and Awards

Scrum Master

ISO 9001

Our Process

How an outsourcing company operates on a day-to-day basis defines its development culture and is an indicator of how well they’ll work with global clients. Accelerance looks for healthy hiring, training, and retention practices.


Making Sense was founded in 2006 by Cesar D'Onofrio and Sergio Marchetti. They are a US-based company with offices in Palo Alto and delivery centers throughout Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. Making Sense continues to be owned and operated by Cesar and his brother Damian who is based in Argentina. Their portfolio consists of 100% North American clients. 


Cesar DOnofrio: Co-Founder and CEO

Pablo Vittori: CTO 

Sergio Marchetti: Co-Founder and COO

Fernando Florez: Head of Partnerships

Jennifer Greyling: Head of Project Management

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Our Process

Accelerance investigates methodologies and management styles of each Certified Partner in our Global Network. We look for best practices you’ll need for short-term wins and long-term success.

Ramp Up

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Client Support

Making Sense value your feedback and open communication throughout the life of your relationship. All projects will be assigned an internal PM to facilitate all meetings and escalation points. They will be responsible for addressing issues and concerns in real time. Not only will there be open communication daily with your PM and team but Monthly calls help to recap the progress and plan for ...

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Project Management Process

Making Sense believes that since every project is unique it requires thorough planning and collaboration with the client. The internal process begins after the team has been assembled. The Project Manager creates an internal analysis with information about the project’s purpose, reasons for its development, and the client’s business goals. After gathering all the information for the project a kickoff meeting with the entire team is held where tasks are assigned. Discussions are held on how the project should be approached, the logistics, workflow, and what items require special care. After this meeting, the first sprint is planned. 

Software Development Lifecycle Process



Communication and Collaboration

Communication is Making Sense's main strength when executing projects for all clients. You will know on a daily basis the status of your project and any pending issues. Your project will be assigned an account manager who will be with you every step of the way. They will organize your contracts, and draft proposals, ensure all milestones are being met during the project lifecycle, and confirm ...

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Our Process

It’s important to work with a development partner you can trust to deliver. Accelerance validates claims of successful case studies and checks references for each partner in our Global Network.

Our Take

As an International Technology Company, Making Sense offers end-to-end user experience-focused software product development. With over 130 professionals working in different offices located in the United States, Argentina, and Mexico, Making Sense provides Software Services to companies seeking to scale in product innovation. They offer the ...

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