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Make the most impact with a software outsourcing management expert.

Comprehensive in scope but flexible to your needs  now this is modern software development consulting.


No one else gives you this level of flexibility.

Your business is not like any other. We'll never force you into a cookie-cutter solution. Promise.

Our consultative approach and our proprietary advisory process conform to your needs. We begin by listening and go from there.

See our software consulting services model below? Your starting point won’t look like anyone else’s. It’s all completely customized to you, your team, your company and your goals. 

Your software outsourcing journey is customized to you, your team, your company and your goals.


Finally, a process where you can choose just what you need.

Consider us your consulting services tailor. It's your designed-to-fit solution like no other.

We'll help you determine the right services and support level for your needs. Pick and pack from our full line of software outsourcing management consulting services, and add or adjust any time.

Start with a call with an advisor


Prepare for your software outsourcing development work with a baseline assessment that helps us create a custom plan for your project. 

Partner Selection

Transition software development partners seamlessly with our Rapid Referral® program that matches you using a 500+ criterion scale against our vetted partner network.


Launch your partnership and align on goals with a software outsourcing management guide who helps build early momentum and integrate software engineering teams. 


Govern your project with best practices with built-in ongoing assessments to ensure smoother operations and a way to address your additional needs.

Beat the odds with our software outsourcing management consultants.

Nearly 70% of software development projects fail to meet functionality, budget and/or deadline specs.

We can guarantee that your software development projects won't fall short. With guidance from our experts in virtual or in person coaching sessions, you and your team can avoid pitfalls and build best practice capabilities.

Sound too good to be true? Our thousands of successful engagements show it's not.

Reach out to an expert consultant

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Track and course-correct performance with software outsourcing management.

With a robust governance system, you’ll have tools in place to monitor and guide your project. Maintain momentum and ensure successful delivery of your project plan based on advice and tools from our consultants.

Connect with us
  • Ongoing Assessments
  • Transitional Leadership
  • Custom Coaching
  • Team Operation
  • New Client Needs
  • Process Optimization
  • Program Plans
  • Issues Management


Identify software outsourcing management risks in less than 72 hours.

Suspect organization issues or capability gaps? Internal factors most often cause software outsourcing relationships to stumble. Avoid a derailment of your outsourcing partnership by addressing your risks up front.

In just two to three days, our Baseline Assessment delivers your report card across 15 risk factors to software outsourcing success.

Get the Baseline Assessment framework


What’s wrong right now? We’ll get it back on track.

Are you working with a software development partner or project now and might use the word “hot mess” to describe the situation? Solve it with our turnaround consulting services. 

  • Remediation Workshops
  • Baseline Diagnosis
  • Skills Gap Identification
  • Assessment and Recommendations
  • Project Management Evaluation

We’ll get you reset in the right direction. Help is just a click away. 

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