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Epiq Systems

Accelerance's outsourcing partner and advisory services transformed Epiq's software production model and streamlined its development practices.


Epiq is a worldwide provider of legal and business services for law firms, corporations, financial institutions and government agencies.

Epiq takes on large-scale, complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms and business professionals. Its award-winning technology platforms streamline the administration of business operations, class action/mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring and bankruptcy matters. Epiq subject-matter experts and tools create efficiency through expertise, delivering confidence to high-performing clients around the world.


Epiq was challenged by leadership to increase its software product output without impacting cost. Outsourcing was seen as a means to meet stretch goals.

With an internal team of 120 developers and a 2-to-1 developer-to-QA ratio, Epiq knew they needed more developers to handle the increasing workload and to optimize their current practices. They felt that they adding in scalable resources to their existing development model would create the flexible hybrid team they needed to ramp up their platforms' development using lower-cost offshore resources and increasing product innovation. With relatively little experience with outsourcing, Epiq engaged Accelerance to find a qualified certified partner and expert advice.


Accelerance assessed Epiq’s needs against capabilities in our certified partner network, recommended nearshore outsourcing partner options and guided the restructuring of the development function through:

  • A partner team in Argentina that matched the exact business requirements and specialized technical skills for their products.
  • A scalable, agile development function that could easily expand from 10 to 100 developers as needed with the capacity to run up to 12 scrum projects at any given time.
  • An assessment by Accelerance consultants of the current in-house team and recommendations for integrating and optimizing the new team.

Epiq gained the flexible capacity and performance improvements it required to meet its dual goals of expansion capabilities and operating efficiencies that allowed it to:

  • Stand up a blended team that allowed it to grow from 8 to 50 developers in nine months.
  • Optimize development practices by implementing architecture improvements and software development best practices that ultimately increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Scale resources to completely transform Epiq’s business, enabling onboarding of engineers significantly faster with much higher quality.