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Accelerance is the partner of choice for professional guidance of planning, sourcing and managing capabilities, partnerships and processes.

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Our Mission

We believe software development outsourcing should never feel risky.

That's why Accelerance travels the world to personally investigate software development outsourcing companies. No other company specializes in software outsourcing and global team assessment. Trust your software to an Accelerance Verified provider. 

Our Approach

Through our Accelerance Global Network Accelerance offers a world of experience in global outsourcing partnerships. We will match you with the ideal team for your next software development project and support you through the entire engagement. We provide end-to-end professional management services and focus on refining best practices within your company, scaling teams and ensuring your project hits all its milestones.

Decades of experience building successful outsourcing teams.

Our consultants have decades of experience managing software outsourcing relationships. We’ll match you with the ideal nearshore or offshore partner, get you prepared for a smooth start, then help onboard your remote development team for a seamless transition. Our outsourcing strategy relies on the following tenets:

  • Local to global: With our experienced team of onshore management consultants and premium software development partners in more than 40 countries, we’ve got the world covered.

  • Building relationships: As both client advocate and partner coach, we are uniquely positioned to oversee the relationship with your remote development team and keep it on track.

  • Software leadership: From strategic advice to hands-on project management, you decide the level of resources and support you need.

  • Risk mitigation: All our certified outsourcing partners are vetted through a comprehensive due-diligence process, including an on-site assessment.

Making the wrong choice could be costly.

Sourcing global teams can take up to five months to research all the options, and making the wrong choice could be costly.

We heard horror stories of relying on personal referrals or spending free time researching outsourced teams that match your specific requirements, tech stack, team size, certification requirements, budget, and time zone alignment (among other things). That’s when Accelerance has an epiphany: why don’t we do the leg work for you?

With Accelerance, we can match you with the right nearshore or offshore partner in days, rather than months. Through our partner selection process, we minimize the risks and maximize the return on your investment.

The right partner for the job.

Accelerance will work with your key leadership and stakeholders to assess your company’s readiness for software outsourcing and establish an execution plan. Our client package includes:  

  • A shortlist of ideal partners selected from the Accelerance Global Network matched to your specific criteria.
  • Customized profiles of each certified partner, highlighting relevant data and video interviews with company leaders. 
  • A facilitated interview process with the partner(s) of your choice.
  • Assistance with contract and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) negotiation. 
  • Alignment workshops to guide the transition and integrate your in-house and remote teams. 
  • Access to experienced consultants for advice and support as needed, including the option of a dedicated coach to ensure the outsourcing relationship continues to run smoothly.

Putting the plan into action.

Accelerance implements a specialized management approach for our clients that provides a custom set of strategies for each stage of the software development lifecycle to maximize your return on investment and minimize potential risks. 

Our consultants work with your senior management to define objectives, establish costs and facilitate handover to your offshore or nearshore partner. For a more hands-on engagement, we provide a personal coach to guide you through the process, from helping to form the relationship with your remote team to establishing agile practices and a framework for your technology processes.

Projects are at a higher risk of failure if the outsourcing relationship does not align properly.

Our role in the outsourcing engagement doesn’t end when we’ve matched you with the ideal partner. In our experience projects are at a higher risk of failure if the outsourcing relationship does not align properly and maintain consistent communication, management and expectations. 

We oversee our clients critical software development program, bring the right expertise or capacity in-house and provide personalized management support at whatever level required. Accelerance is able to do this by using  fractional or full-time resources on a project-by-project basis to manage the process and coordinate with your remote team. This ongoing relationship management ensures that all team members start and end on the same page thus leading to a greater ROI through high quality software development delivered on time and within budget.

Join our team

We’re passionate about helping companies gain all the benefits of onshore, offshore or nearshore software outsourcing with a continuum of consultative services.

Sales Director

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Location: Multiple U.S. Locations

Are you a sales hunter with experience in outsourced software development?  Do you want to come in first place with your customers? Then come work with us.


The advantage you’ll have here is that we’re experts in distributed software engineering, and we take better care of our customers than the competition.  This is why Accelerance’s revenue grew 55% in 2019. 


What sets us apart?  Having reviewed over 8,000 nearshore and offshore software development companies Accelerance only selects the best to bring to customers and quality always wins.  In fact, less than 3% of firms qualify for Accelerance’s certification.  Armed with these kinds of resources and by doing what you do best, you’ll beat the competition and build long-standing relationships with your customers.


So the time is right.  We’re expanding rapidly and have ambitious plans that you can participate in and grow with. In short, we’re seeking a talented business development executive to join our West Coast team as a Sales Director in San Francisco.


Your mission will be to:

  1. Prospect, evangelize, build relationships, identify opportunities and close deals with businesses looking for a long term development partner to extend their software engineering capability.

  2. Create trusted-advisor relationships with CTOs, CFOs, Directors of Engineering and the like. That means you have software outsourcing experience, strong interpersonal skills, high energy and resourcefulness.


You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team of sales and outsourcing delivery experts and receive lots of support.

  • Your success adds to Accelerance’s success and vice versa; so we’re motivated to win together.

  • You’ll benefit from the expertise, professional networks and the hands-on support of the CEO and the talented team members across sales, marketing, delivery and finance.

  • You’ll have open access to sales and marketing tools, including ZoomInfo, Sales Navigator, HubSpot, compelling case studies, social media outreach as well as professional training and development resources.


What’s more, you’ll get to develop deep, consultative relationships with your customers.  

  • The people you’ll call on don’t want products, services or bodies pushed on them.  They want a trustworthy guide. Their businesses depend on the software they build, and you’ll help them get quality results.

  • You’ll lead conversations with insight and help your customers get the best outcomes possible from their nearshore and offshore development teams.

  • At your fingertips, you’ll have a continuum of consultative services and the most curated network of certified software development teams ever assembled.


And another thing, you’ll get paid generously for the deals you develop and close.

  • The salary at Accelerance is competitive, and we’re committed to keeping your commissions plan simple and uncapped.

  • You’ll get paid well on the deals that you bring in the door.

  • And you’ll get paid for the successful development of these engagements over time.


But money’s not everything, especially if you value international travel and being a global citizen.

  • Accelerance works with clients and partners all over the world.  Everyone has a role to play in building relationships and assessing partners as we investigate and certify our growing partner network.  You’ll travel with clients as they select partners and commence working together.


And of course you’ll receive employee benefits.

  • Healthcare,

  • Life insurance & disability,

  • Paid time off,

  • Flexible schedules,

  • Additional allowances and perks, just ask us!


We appreciate that your resume may not be up to date. No problem, just send us what you have. Or if you prefer, look up our recruiting partner, Anthony Caputi, Managing Director of Ezekiel, on LinkedIn and message him there.

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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