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At Accelerance we’re passionate about helping companies gain all the benefits of onshore, offshore or nearshore software outsourcing with a continuum of consultative services.

But we wouldn’t be where we are today without our team.

Sales Director

Are you a sales hunter with experience in outsourced software development?  Do you want to come in first place with your customers? Then come work with us.

The advantage you’ll have here is that we’re experts in distributed software engineering, and we take better care of our customers than the competition.  This is why Accelerance’s revenue grew 55% in 2019. 

What sets us apart?  Having reviewed over 8,000 nearshore and offshore software development companies Accelerance only selects the best to bring to customers and quality always wins.  In fact, less than 3% of firms qualify for Accelerance’s certification.  Armed with these kinds of resources and by doing what you do best, you’ll beat the competition and build long-standing relationships with your customers.

So the time is right.  We’re expanding rapidly and have ambitious plans that you can participate in and grow with. In short, we’re seeking a talented business development executive to join our West Coast team as a Sales Director in San Francisco.

Your mission will be to:

  1. Prospect, evangelize, build relationships, identify opportunities and close deals with businesses looking for a long term development partner to extend their software engineering capability.
  2. Create trusted-advisor relationships with CTOs, CFOs, Directors of Engineering and the like. That means you have software outsourcing experience, strong interpersonal skills, high energy and resourcefulness.

You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team of sales and outsourcing delivery experts and receive lots of support.

  • Your success adds to Accelerance’s success and vice versa; so we’re motivated to win together.
  • You’ll benefit from the expertise, professional networks and the hands-on support of the CEO and the talented team members across sales, marketing, delivery and finance.
  • You’ll have open access to sales and marketing tools, including ZoomInfo, Sales Navigator, HubSpot, compelling case studies, social media outreach as well as professional training and development resources.

What’s more, you’ll get to develop deep, consultative relationships with your customers.  

  • The people you’ll call on don’t want products, services or bodies pushed on them.  They want a trustworthy guide. Their businesses depend on the software they build, and you’ll help them get quality results.
  • You’ll lead conversations with insight and help your customers get the best outcomes possible from their nearshore and offshore development teams.
  • At your fingertips, you’ll have a continuum of consultative services and the most curated network of certified software development teams ever assembled.

And another thing, you’ll get paid generously for the deals you develop and close.

  • The salary at Accelerance is competitive, and we’re committed to keeping your commissions plan simple and uncapped.
  • You’ll get paid well on the deals that you bring in the door.
  • And you’ll get paid for the successful development of these engagements over time.

But money’s not everything, especially if you value international travel and being a global citizen.

  • Accelerance works with clients and partners all over the world.  Everyone has a role to play in building relationships and assessing partners as we investigate and certify our growing partner network.  You’ll travel with clients as they select partners and commence working together.

And of course you’ll receive employee benefits.

  • Healthcare,
  • Life insurance & disability,
  • Paid time off,
  • Flexible schedules,
  • Additional allowances and perks, just ask us!

We appreciate that your resume may not be up to date. No problem, just send us what you have. Or if you prefer, look up our recruiting partner, Anthony Caputi, Managing Director of Ezekiel, on LinkedIn and message him there.

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Vice President, Delivery

Location: Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles

Accelerance, the Global Software Engineering Authority, just created a seat at the table for a motivated Vice President of Delivery. 

Your charter has a number of components:

  1. Create Trusted-advisor relationships with CTOs, Directors of Engineering and the like. That means you have engineering training, strong interpersonal skills, high energy, resourcefulness, the ability to deal with ambiguity and rejection and bounce back fast.
  2. Utilizing experience in leading in-house and outsourced software development teams, in coordination with other members of the Accelerance Delivery team, to lead or participate in on-site and remote client engagements, executing solutions to aid in preparing, onboarding and managing ongoing software development projects.
  3. Lead or participate in ongoing account management activities with both Accelerance clients and members of our global Partner network.
  4. Project manage engagement activities with a focus on execution of deliverables, resource planning, and budget.
  5. Supporting members of the Accelerance sales in identifying client prospects needs, creating valuable solution offerings and presenting these services. We have a system for you to employ. And you’ll be given some latitude to create and execute solutions that are ultimately in our clients’ best interest.
  6. Participate in local market networking activities, and industry organizations and events to identify and build relationships with future client prospects.
  7. Be the embodiment of our Culture and DNA, delivering the voice of the company, internally & externally as ambassador and evangelist of the brand.
  8. You’ll report directly to Accelerance’s Chief Delivery Officer.
  9. You’ll work from home, WeWorks, planes, Starbucks, park benches, Ubers, trains, and other countries while visiting Partners. Just get it done.

…. You’ll be accountable and rewarded for your success.

The challenges are great as are the rewards, assuming you're confident, and both solution and financially motivated.

Our target companies have a dire need, but there’s a lot of competitive messaging and white noise, pretenders, bad models, and bad actors….

So, we must distinguish ourselves – by both our returns & our character. Our message needs to be tight, differentiated, and impactful. And you need to be that trusted advisor, confidant, and friend with the best, right model. That’s what makes this such a crucial new role.


If becoming the next member of the Accelerance Delivery team sounds appealing to you, let’s have a conversation. (Confidential, of course.)

A bit about us...

Accelerance began in 2001 with the epiphany that great software engineering talent exists everywhere, all across the globe. The world truly is flat. Andy Hilliard, a former Peace Corps volunteer who built a career in software sales and services at companies like Siebel, Cognizant and his own Costa Rican software services company, Isthmus, and Steve Mezak, a veteran of Silicon Valley startups and author of Software Without Borders, built a company that makes sense of the thousands of software engineering firms around the globe so that clients can outsource with confidence.

Vetting, validating, and score-carding more than 8,000 software engineering partners and matching them with clients is only part of what we do. Accelerance professionals travel the world assessing and forming relationships with Certified and prospective certified partners so that we can represent them with conviction and speak about what it takes to form a successful outsourcing relationship.

However, only matching clients to their ideal partner does not ensure a successful relationship. Accelerance provides coaching, leadership, and often deliverable ownership to the Client-Partner relationships to ensure that the client-partner union we create starts fast, succeeds fast, gains strength over time and weathers the inevitable storms of change and challenges.

Companies like Upwork and Toptal connect tech freelancers with companies in a SaaS model. This does not serve the demands of a scalable outsourced need that requires cultural alignment, collaboration across many individuals and processes and measurement across large endeavors. Conversely, companies like Cognizant, Infosys, and Accenture serve only huge companies who need to build outsourced teams in the hundreds and thousands. They are not built for the vast small-to-midsize market needing dedicated teams of 3-200 engineers that we serve.

Domestic engineering talent is hard to recruit, train and retain...and it’s expensive. Accelerance brings the top 3% of globally distributed software engineering service firms who manage between 50-1000 engineers (we say, “big enough to scale, small enough to care”) to the market who desperately need the benefits of vetted, top-tier talent pools, cost savings, best practices, domestic coaching and risk avoidance.

Accelerance has evolved quite a bit over the last few years but the mission has always been clear: To make the outsourcing of software engineering a successful, long term endeavor. For years we addressed the mission via our partner assessment, score carding, and brokerage services. However, we have determined that it wasn’t enough to serve that purpose. Clients need our hands-on advisement before and during the entire relationship lifecycle.

Today, we are trusted advisors to prospects and clients alike, ensuring that the relationships we create flourish and grow over the long haul. And we continue to enhance our global partner offerings beyond “deals” so that they evolve and improve over time.

Accelerance is relatively small but is poised and experiencing strong growth. We want to build a company of exceptionally smart people, passionate about making global software engineering relationship succeed. We want revenue-per-employee to far outpace employee growth. That means everyone is “in it to win it.”

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