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Equip yourself with essential insights and strategic know-how to navigate the
complexities of outsourcing with our proprietary guides.

2024 South and Southeast Asia Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

The 2024 South and Southeast Asia Region Guide provides insights and analysis to help businesses navigate the latest trends, rates, and top destinations within the region.

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2024 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide

Explore the latest rates, insights, and strategies for thriving in the dynamic global software development outsourcing market in 2024.

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Future-Proof Software Outsourcing: Staff Augmentation to Manage Business Cycles

Learn more about your staff augmentation options and discover a step-by-step approach to successfully implement a staff augmentation strategy.

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Due Diligence In A Disrupted World

Learn how to implement effective risk management strategies when selecting an outsourcing partner for your organization.

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2023 Latin America Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

Your insider's guide to entering the Latin America software development market without breaking the bank.

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2022-2023 Global Software Development Resourcing &
Rates Study

Download your only source for direct insights into record-high software developer rates and talent shortages.

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2023 Central & Eastern Europe Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

Check out our catalog of skilled, affordable software development in 16 European destinations.

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2023 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide

Our 2023 Rates and Trends Guide has insights you need to manage IT resourcing and costs during a time when the only certainty is uncertainty. 

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South and Southeast Asia Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

Download the latest Asia Region Guide to learn everything you need to know about
offshoring to South and Southeast Asia.

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Software Outsourcing as a Strategy Guide

Learn how to use software development outsourcing to your strategic advantage by downloading the guide today.

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2022 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide

Get your 2022 front-line insights into software development trends and rates for your tech sourcing needs.

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2022 Latin American Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

Latin America is the place to be for software outsourcing. Learn why by downloading the 2022 Guide.

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What Your CFO Needs to Know About Outsourcing Software Development

Learn how to make a strategic case for software outsourcing to your CFO by downloading the guide.

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2021 South & Southeast Asia Region Guide for Software Outsourcing

Explore regional insights about software outsourcing in South and Southeast Asia in 2021 when you download the guide.

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2020 Central & Eastern Europe Region Guide for Software Outsourcing

Explore 13 Central and Eastern European outsourcing destinations for offshore partnership potential.

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2020 Global Software Outsourcing Rates Guide

The definitive source for software development outsourcing trends and rates in the world's hottest regions in 2020.

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Fearless Software Outsourcing: Application Development Anywhere on Earth

Inside, you will learn the best situations for outsourcing, the benefits of software outsourcing, and how to select a software outsourcing service provider.

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Why Outsource Software Development Guide

A primer for companies considering offshore or nearshore software development.

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Software Outsourcing Partner Performance Metrics

How do you measure the success of your software outsourcing? What metrics should you track? Learn the metrics that matter.

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The 7 Keys to Outsourcing Success

Discover the 7 keys to outsourcing success that will transform your software development team.

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