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    Due Diligence in a Disrupted World:

    Finding the Right Technology Partners and Building Business Resilience

    How do you implement effective risk management strategies when selecting an outsourcing partner for your organization?

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    By doing your due diligence.

    It's more important than ever to build business resilience during this time of economic uncertainty. With outsourcing on the rise to control costs, you need to carefully vet any partner. And in this uncertain business climate, you'll need to avoid the cost of an outsourcing disaster more than ever.

    Due diligence approaches are adapting because of the business disruption of the past few years.  The risk assessment process now includes evaluating partners' potential to respond to future business crises, as well as sizing up their current capabilities.

    Get our latest risk management guide for tips and best practices from Accelerance's two decades of experience in vetting the world's most qualified software development firms.

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