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On-demand expertise and guidance to build resilient capabilities

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Is your security function equipped to defend against rising cyber threats?

Your business needs a proactive, hard-core security function that is up for today’s challenges. Cyberattacks are growing in pace and complexity. Compliance controls and regulations are randomly changing. Business end points are rapidly expanding.

Let us help you cut through the chaos with a future-proof security strategy. Our outsourcing network provides the industry’s most experienced advisors to deliver effective cybersecurity and compliance programs.


You receive ideal-fit outsourcing partner recommendations within days, compared with weeks or months of going it alone.


We create a shortlist of carefully vetted outsourcing partners matched to your exact business and technical criteria.


Your recommended partners are selected from our unparalleled network of the top 1% of proven global software firms.

Need to shore up your internal security capabilities?

Trust our on-demand, certified experts to offer focused leadership for maturing internal cybersecurity programs as well as addressing evolving compliance and regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Leadership and strategic planning to protect your business end-to-end against current and emerging digital threats to applications, networked systems, cloud, data, identity and compliance.

Compliance Solutions

Knowledgeable experts to recommend the right framework for enterprise security controls and to embed structured management practices for cyber regulations and standards compliance.

Proven Advisors, Flexible Engagements

Our experts provide your IT team with next-gen solutions powered by best practices and leading-edge technical tools. You’ll get a game plan for a resilient, multi-layer cyber defense and the best controls and regulations frameworks. You’ll be covered any time and anywhere across your business ecosystem reducing risks and expense of cyber breaches and compliance issues.

How does it happen? Accelerance works with you up front to determine the right level of support for your goals. Our consulting models range from a fractional information security executive to full-time consulting teams, with solutions easily scaled to your scope, timing and budget. Add flexible expertise to your team without the overhead of an FTE.

You’ll be in good hands with our skilled professionals.

They’ve earned the highest-level security certifications and have decades of private and federal intelligence consulting experience across a wide variety of industries. The Accelerance security practice offers:

Actionable counsel on cyber threats, attacks and defenses

Access to the most advanced security systems and tools available

Capability development and transfer to internal organization

Security budgeting and investment direction

Extensive experience with all compliance and regulation systems

Our Approach

Our time-tested methodology is anchored in a step-by-step approach. Your first-phase assessment produces a big-picture roadmap. From there, your Accelerance advisor will work with you to identify the scope of follow-up engagements.


Phase 1

Assess and Plan

Evaluate multiple points of failure to identify the greatest threats in systems and endpoints as well as gaps in detection and defense procedures – resulting in an informed strategic plan.

Phase 2

Build and Transform

Conduct remediation to address identified issues, determine critical IT skills gaps, launch the new programs and provide high-level guidance throughout implementation.

Phase 3

Transition and Support

Harden security practices, transfer new capabilities to the internal IT team, create ongoing optimization processed, and identify additional technical resources for the security and compliance programs.

What do IT leaders see as the biggest threats to their cybersecurity and compliance efforts? An all-time shortage of security technical professionals tops the list. There’s also the lack of hyper-specialized resources to bring necessary focus for ambitious, future-forward security initiatives.

See our insights into the latest security outsourcing trends.

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The Problem We Solve

Facing rising need for scarce security skills, many companies are finding it impossible to maintain a fully-staffed, in-house security team that is up to the task for today’s challenges.

That’s where outsourcing comes in. Accelerance’s security service helps you identify the future state needed for your IT bench strength. In the interim, we can help locate the IT application developers and other roles to fill gaps.

With security as a top C-level agenda item, now’s the right time for a consultation with our experts.We’re here to build about the ultimate program for your current and future needs.

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