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Discover the 7 Keys to Outsourcing Success That Will Transform Your Software Development Team

An Accelerance Exclusive Guide.

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Perfect for the CTO, VP of Engineering, or Software Development Manager who is regularly asked to do more with less!


Are you continually challenged to produce more, faster, with less resources and budget?

Based on more than 15 years of outsourcing experience, The 7 Keys to Outsourcing Success is the ultimate guide to software development outsourcing. 

In the guide, you will learn valuable real-world lessons for software outsourcing success, including:

  • How to identify the perfect outsourcing partner in the global marketplace
  • How outsourcing to the experts allows you to focus on your vision
  • Why traveling to meet your potential partners is critical to provider selection
  • Why product quality is more important than outsourcing for cost savings
  • How to avoid culture clash that can derail outsourcing success
  • How to build global relationships that result in world-class software
  • How to get partner providers to deliver more than you ever expected

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