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What Your CFO Needs to Know About Outsourcing Software Development

Data-Driven Decisions for Sustainable Development

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2021CFOGuide350x350Making a Strategic Case for Software Outsourcing to Your CFO.

Outsourcing is on the rise for the majority of US companies this year. So, Chief Financial Officers will find more business cases for software development outsourcing coming across their desks.

That means a tight partnership between technology and finance leaders has never been more important to win outsourcing funding. Today's CFOs are increasingly advocates for change and innovation. So, they'll expect to see strategic business benefits beyond financial projections and outsourcing budgets.

Get prepared, technology leaders! Our guide explores five key factors to help gain your finance colleagues' buy-in:

  • Cost comparison of in-house versus outsourced staffing
  • Risk management considerations in outsourcing decisions
  • Benefits of flexibility and scalability 
  • Quick, cost-effective sourcing of in-demand tech skills 
  • Range of outsourcing scenarios

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