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1000 Developers |2 Certified Partners |Medium Software Outsourcing Readiness


In Eastern Europe, Romania has established itself as the country most culturally aligned with the United States. A member of the European Union, its entrepreneurial environment makes it a hotspot for software outsourcing, app development and tech research.

Talent Pool & Education

Experience with Western business culture is one of Romania’s key strengths: a CEE study showed 74% of software development companies have clients beyond the country’s borders, including 22% who work directly with the US. The government invests heavily in IT education, and nearly 7,000 IT specialists graduate from university each year. 


The official language is Romanian; however a very high percentage of the workforce speaks English, French, German or Italian.

Economic Outlook

Romania’s resilient economy rebounded strongly in 2021 but the outlook is uncertain according to the latest World Bank report. "Growth prospects hinge on several factors, including the new COVID-19 flare-ups, the dynamics of inflation, especially related to energy and food prices, and the severity of the conflict in the region and its impact on the European economy in which Romania is strongly integrated.” 

Political Conditions

Romanian prime minister and former army general Nicolae Ciucă of the National Liberal Party has given assurances that he’ll stick to the coalition protocol and hand over the reins to Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacua in mid-2023. Despite previous disagreements over economic policy, Ciucă has also indicated unified political support for an increase in the pension and the minimum wage.