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A technology powerhouse, Ukraine has grown into a major international hub for IT outsourcing services. However, the devastating impact of the Russian invasion has sent shockwaves across the region.

Talent Pool & Education

Ukraine has up to 100,000 export service workers, mainly employed in software engineering and other tech services, according to Gartner estimates. Most companies are based in western Ukraine, which has been relatively unscathed by the conflict. They remain operational, working with remote teams moved to safe locations within the country or across the border. The National

Academy of Sciences supports more than 100 scientific research institutes and eight technoparks, which focus on the commercialization of high-tech research.


Ukrainian is the official language, although Russian is more widely spoken in Eastern Ukraine. The English skills of Ukrainian engineers are adequate, but not as strong as in other outsourcing destinations.

Economic Outlook

Inflation peaked above 30 per cent in 2022 as the Russian invasion resulted in a sharp fall in economic activity. Nearly 13 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced or are living as refugees across Europe. However, a return to growth is cautiously predicted for 2023, buoyed by the promise of continued active financial support from the international community, reports the National Bank of Ukraine: “The full-scale war has resulted in a humanitarian crisis and active migration, including emigration, which will determine the demographic development and labor market conditions for many years to come.” 

Political Conditions

A political novice when elected as president in 2019, former actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has become the face of Ukrainian resistance, galvanizing support from the international community for the most severe sanctions regime against Russia in history. 

Opinion polls show he has overwhelming support from the Ukrainian people. When the United States offered to evacuate Zelensky from the combat zone, he reportedly replied, “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.”