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Hungary has made a smooth transition to a free-market economy and was quick to modernize its telecom infrastructure. However, hourly rates and payroll taxes often make hiring Hungarian programmers cost-prohibitive compared to rival outsourcing destinations such as Poland.

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Total number of developers in our certified partner network by country


Certified Partner

Total number of certified partners in our global network by country.


Time Travel (From NY)

Average flight time from NY to the major cities in the country.


Partner Innovation capability

The score reflects investment in STEM progrms and IT funding by country.


Partner Skill Level

Level of workforce skills and quality of education, including factors such as digital literacy, interpersonal skills, etc.


Partner Global Competitiveness

National productivity based on 12 core pillars, including government policy, infrastructure, economic stability, etc.


Software Outsourcing Readiness

Overall rating, based on the maturity of the tech sector, socio-political conditions, and on-the-ground research by Accelerance.

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Talent Pool & Education

Hungary has an innovation-oriented mindset and a vibrant technology start-up ecosystem. Experienced professionals in the IT and engineering sector are in huge demand, exacerbated by near-full employment, a shortfall in graduates feeding into the workforce, and the loss of talent offshore. The Ministry of Technology and Industry recently launched a program providing financial support to companies or government agencies providing part-time employment to young people aged 16-25 who are enrolled at high school or university.


Hungarian is the official language. English is widely spoken in the business community, as is German. 

Hungary's economic outlook
Economic Outlook

After a pre-election spending spree, the government has imposed corporate taxes and launched spending cuts. Europe’s looming energy crunch is predicted to tip Hungary into recession through 2023 as Germany – Hungary’s key trade partner – faces disrupted gas supplies from Russia. Inflation has hit a two-decade high and a tight labor market, combined with high food and energy prices, will drive up wages. 

Political Conditions

Pro-Putin leader Viktor Orbán, who first came to power in 2010  led his nationalist Fidesz Party to what Reuters described as a “crushing victory” in the April 2022 elections. “We won a victory so big that you can see it from the moon,” he told supporters on the night. “And you can certainly see it from Brussels.” Hungary is the first and only EU member state to be considered only “partly free” by the think tank Freedom House.