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An Accelerance certified partner augmented AdRoll's internal development team for an integrated resourcing model with no limits to growth.


AdRoll is a globally recognized performance advertising platform that boasts an impressive client base of over 500,000 active advertisers while offering a Growth Marketing Platform for businesses. This platform simplifies marketing and advertising. It utilizes sources such as Google AdX and Facebook Exchange.

By integrating data, channels, and measurement, AdRoll empowers companies to deliver targeted digital messaging, fueling their growth and competitiveness.


AdRoll hired a nearshore team to help speed up software development by integrating into their workflows and providing more resources.

They wanted to find a Latin American team that could fit in well with their culture and schedule. They aimed to build a lasting partnership with this team.

A key consideration was finding a partner with a diverse talent pool capable of scaling alongside its expanding business. AdRoll, a company new to outsourcing, asked for help from an advisor to guide them through the process. The advisor helped with team training and management, ensuring they met their goals.


Accelerance, leveraging their expertise and extensive network, introduced AdRoll to a partner in Argentina that checked all the boxes.

Accelerance found the perfect team for the client, with skilled members who fit well with their existing team. This helped them work together smoothly.

The partner's skills and flexible approach helped them complete software development quickly, collaboratively, and effectively. The real-time synchronous interaction made possible by the US/Argentina time zone overlap further strengthened the partnership.


Accelerance facilitated the seamless integration of an outsourced team that seamlessly blended with the client’s internal team, creating a fully collaborative and flexible development process.

In less than a year, the team expanded from 5 to over 40 developers. They assisted the client in developing their software products and features according to the plan.

AdRoll's software development process got better, making their products higher quality and changing the overall product experience.

With the guidance of Accelerance and embracing outsourcing software development services, AdRoll was able to achieve accelerated growth and optimize their development resources, positioning themselves ahead of their competition.