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2024 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide

An Accelerance Exclusive Guide

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Download our Accelerance Logo 2024 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide.Explore the latest rates, insights, and strategies for thriving in the dynamic global software development outsourcing market
in 2024.

Amid budget constraints, soaring developer rates, and unprecedented global disruptions, software development outsourcing emerges as a potent strategy for engineering leaders aiming to wield optimal control and adaptability.

Explore our essential guide to effectively harness the power of outsourcing for your needs.

What's inside the guide?
  • Our 2023 Software Outsourcing Market Predictions: What Actually Happened?
  • What You Should Expect in the Software Outsourcing Market in 2024
  • How to Understand Outsourcing Rates Holistically
  • Our Software Outsourcing Cost Savings Methodology Explained
  • How to Avoid Hiring a Low-Cost, Sub-Par Software Outsourcing Partner
  • Latin America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia Region-Based Outsourcing Rates, Trends, Insights & Advice

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Andy Hilliard, Chief Executive Officer of Accelerance

In our four key regions, Latin America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, over 50% of service providers have indicated that they will increase their rates in the next six months. But increases will be in the order of 6%—10%, a far cry from the double-digit increases common in 2021—2022. The exception is in Asia, which has absorbed an influx of work in 2023 and development firms there plan on adjusting rates in the range of 6%—15%.

Andy Hilliard

Chief Executive Officer, Accelerance