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About BairesDev

Bairesdev is the fastest growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America, with offices across the main cities in LATAM and the US. They have the largest applicant pool in the industry with over 240,000 Software Engineers applying to work with us each year, from which they hire only the Top 1% IT Talent through a rigorous staffing method. ...

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Developer Count



Timezone Difference







English Skills




  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Testing and QA Outsourcing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile and Web Development


  • Java and .Net
  • Python and Javascript
  • Android and iOS
  • Ruby, PHP and many more

Partner Since


Our Process

Rapid access to technologies, best practices and methodologies is a significant benefit of outsourcing software development. Our research analysts investigated and verified the technical and industry expertise of BairesDev.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • C++
  • iOS - Objective C
  • iOS - Swift
  • Java
  • Jenkins
  • Joomla
  • Linux C/C++
  • Magento
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL
  • Node.JS
  • Oracle ATG
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Video Interviews


  • Automotive
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Entertainment
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Scrum Master


Amazon Web Services

ISO 9001


Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert


Certified Blockchain Expert

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Our Process

How an outsourcing company operates on a day-to-day basis defines its development culture and is an indicator of how well they’ll work with global clients. Accelerance looks for healthy hiring, training, and retention practices.




Nacho De Marco: CEO

Pablo Azorin: Chief Technology Officer

Fernanado Galano: Chief Strategy Officer

Facundo Molina: Chief Business Officer

Pablo Chamorro: Chief Revenue Officer

Damian Scalerandi: VP of Operations

Lucas Paiva: Director of Client Services

Edward Batten: Executive Vice President of Growth

Developer Count



Developer Breakdown

Employee Distribution

Hiring and Retention Practices

BairesDev finds their employee candidates by utilizing the largest database of IT Engineers in Latin America. They hire programmers from other, larger companies in the area and can hire any candidate from any area. There’s no other company in Latin America with better recruiting abilities. They can get the best engineers in the market.Once they find you the right candidates, they put them through an extensive interview process:

  • Online Testing: Over 80 unique tests offered
  • HR Interviews: Several stages reviewing communication skills and other soft skills
  • Written Tests: Technical and Creative
  • Technical Interviews: Specific to potential project

BairesDev competitive advantage resides in its ability to hire IT talent. Most new hires come from ...

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Our Process

Accelerance investigates methodologies and management styles of each Certified Partner in our Global Network. We look for best practices you’ll need for short-term wins and long-term success.


Ramp Up

Client Support

Project Management Process

Project Managers and Scrum Masters are provided for all projects and they work directly with your management team to communicate all aspects of your project. They are fully supported by Baires PMO desk located in Buenos Aires. They provide you an added layer of protection to ensure all projects have adequately applied metrics measuring all processes and procedures agreed for your project. The PMO desk has a shared knowledge base of best practices that are continually reviewed and improved each month.

Software Development Lifecycle Process

Key decision making roles are designated first to establish the rules of engagement and communication as well as make critical design decisions. Technical sprint planning meetings and interviews are held with Product Owner, Stakeholders and Existing Technical Resources. A roadmap is designed, a technical architecture and approach are defined, and the required team is determined. ...

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Communication and Collaboration

Our Process

It’s important to work with a development partner you can trust to deliver. Accelerance validates claims of successful case studies and checks references for each partner in our Global Network.

References Checked


Client Feedback

"By seamlessly integrating with the internal team, BairesDev helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. Their strong onboarding methods, reliable deliverables, and responsiveness continue to strengthen the relationship.”

Accelerance Client: Patrick Mee, VP of Engineering at AdRoll

"Having access to such a vast pool of talent in Latin America, BairesDev allows us to staff our teams and therefore to execute our projects faster than ever, with solid and committed engineers. Their staffing process is way better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always rely on them."

Ropu Rovagnati, SVP, Managing Director, LATAM at R/GA

"Repeat business is the best testament to a teams's abilty to perform, and I have no hesitations hiring them again. BairesDev rapidly catalyzed significant momentum towards achieving the objectives. Their developers demonstrated pleasant collaboration style paired with high-level acumen. Leveraging a sophisticated array of technology made for a smooth and productive partnership."

Brad Mabry, Product Manager at Rolls Royce

Our Take

BairesDev has no industry restrictions: they can (and have) helped companies across all common industries. The same can be said for domain expertise.

Accelerance believes they have a remarkable automated candidate search process, including CRM and online examination, which is managed by 150 recruiters, with 1000k candidates in their ...

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