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Partner Assessment Overview

The Accelerance Process for Partner Certification

Accelerance is the only company that travels the world to investigate the top software development firms so you can outsource with confidence.

Over the course of 3 months, Accelerance assesses our certified partners' Technical Capabilities, Leadership, and HR Practices. As the final step of our certification process, Accelerance tours our partners' facilities and interviews key leadership to gain a better understanding of their local and company culture.

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Perfect-fit software outsourcing companies

What is a certified software development company?

Our certified partners must pass a 500-point propriety checklist.

And it isn’t a walk-in-the-park. In addition to evaluating English competency, skill capabilities, and recruitment practices, our assessment team visits each and every partner on-site to verify. It's required.

Why do we do it? Because nobody else does. Hunting the globe among thousands of good — and not-so-good — firms is an expensive gamble. Leave it to the experts. An Accelerance certified partner is your sure thing.

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Vet in person

How can you validate the claims a company makes across the digital divide? We travel the globe and visit software development companies to validate claims.

Assess skills

You need a software development company with whom you can communicate and align. We assess technical and cross-operational skills of every partner.

Scrutinize practices

The software development company you partner with has established, documented practices — from recruitment to quality assurance.

Map to matrix

Every data point is mapped to our proprietary index matrix so that when you need a software development company partner, we’ll find you the right one.


The Accelerance Certified Global Network

The most curated group of high-quality software companies ever assembled.
We reviewed 8,000+ software development companies - because no one else did.
Only the top 1% pass our rigorous verification process.




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