Accelerance wrote the book on software development outsourcing

Outsource or Else!
Is the critically acclaimed technology management fable written by Accelerance founders, Steve Mezak and Andy Hilliard. The book provides an entertaining, yet realistic look at the common concerns and pitfalls that companies face when navigating the risks and rewards of software development outsourcing.


Real oustourcing advice in a laugh-out-loud story you’ll relate to

Outsource or Else! provides technical leaders with advice and best practices for choosing the right software development outsourcing provider who:

  • Meets your technical requirements
  • Fits your company culture
  • Delivers maximum value for your investment
  • Brings new levels of innovation and best practices to your organization

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Meet the authors

Learn Steve and Andy’s favorite advice in the book.

Perfect for the CTO, CIO, VP,  or Software Development Manager

(Who’s Regularly Asked To Do More with Less)

Are you continually challenged to produce more, faster, with less resources and budget? In Outsource or Else!, you’ll learn valuable real world lessons for software outsourcing success.

  • How to identify the perfect outsourcing partner in the global marketplace
  • How outsourcing to the experts allows you to focus on your vision
  • Why traveling to meet your potential partners is critical to provider selection
  • Why product quality is more important than outsourcing for cost savings
  • How to avoid culture clash that can derail outsourcing success
  • How to build global relationships that result in world-class software
  • How to get partner providers to deliver more than you ever expected
Outsource or Else!

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Learn the 7 Keys of Outsourcing Success along with Jason Jaye, the fictional VP of Engineering who must turn to outsourcing to save his company … and his job.
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