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Elements of a Good Outsourcing Agreement

Written by Steve Mezak on Monday, 30 June 2014. Posted in Software Outsourcing

I agreed to outsource some work to another company after several discussions about what needed to be done and how and when it should be carried out. We also discussed the cost and payment terms which were acceptable to both of us.

The vendor said, “Great, I’ll send over a copy of our agreement.” The agreement that arrived attached to an email was absolutely shocking! It had so many one-sided terms and conditions (none of which were on my side of course) that I almost refused to do business with the vendor.

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner

Written by Steve Mezak on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. Posted in Software Outsourcing

During a visit with a client and a business development VP from one of our partners in Argentina who happened to be in town. We met for breakfast at the Café de la Presse in San Francisco (which I recommend you try if you’re ever in the area), and as I was enjoying my breakfast and watching the interaction between the two, I realized how proud I was to make the connection and introduce this partner to the client.

How the Swift Language Will Impact Mobile Apps Development

Written by Steve Mezak on Friday, 20 June 2014. Posted in Mobile Apps

Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift at their recent developer conference. This fall when iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are released, you can submit apps that use Swift to the App Store and Mac App Store. You may be wondering what impact this will have on your mobile apps development. Do you need to redevelop your apps now?

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